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UK education collection expects members (or parents/guardians for students less than 18 years of age) to self-certify student enrollment status, but reserves the right to request proof.For example, if a student gets an individual membership citing enrollment in a... more
As a learner with a Member account you can download the books in a variety of formats, including our free built-in Web Reader tool.Downloading booksDownload our illustrated guide to downloading books from a learner (Member) account.Available formatsPDF - the book... more
There are three steps to becoming a UK education collection member:1.    Register online.  Click “Sign Up.”Read and accept the UK education collection agreement.  A welcome email will be sent to confirm your account submission.    2.  Provide proof of disability. ... more
Video of How Do I Sign Up My School for Bookshare? For more information on signing up for organizational membership, visit our Organizational Membership page . 
Yes! If a student has membership through a school or other organisation they will be able to search and download books themselves.

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