Your Questions answered

What does the term 'print disability' mean?

This is a term used in the The Copyright and Related Rights (Marrakesh Treaty etc.) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 . It refers to learners with with the following disabilities:
  • Sight loss
  • Cognitive learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Autism or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • A physical disability, such as an inability to hold or manipulate a book, or who are unable to focus or move their eyes to the extent that would normally be acceptable for reading.

Is RNIB Bookshare only for education?

Yes, it is designed to be accessed by learners and the educators who support them so the majority of titles are education titles. We do however have a significant number of fiction titles available as well, because reading just helps with education. So, in subjects such as English, History and Geography being able to read any book is educational.

How many titles does RNIB Bookshare now have?

Right now, we have 1,147,397 titles. You can sit and watch the counter changing as more titles are added by fantastic publishers all the time . In 2016 we had just 12,000 titles!

Do you support all age groups?

Yes, RNIB Bookshare is available to anybody in education with a print disability. That can be sight loss, dyslexia and other cognitive disabilities as well as physical disabilities. It’s available to anyone at any stage of their education, from early learning all the way through to further and higher education.

Is this available to teachers and lecturers as well as students?

Yes, there are two main aspects to RNIB Bookshare:

  1. A staff member can download books on behalf of their learner, where they require support.
  2. Learners can download books independently.

What are the various methods we can read titles on RNIB Bookshare? 

Dolphin EasyReader is a free and accessible reading app, it’s available from the App Store or Google Play for iOS or Android devices. You can search for “Dolphin EasyReader” and it will download for you. Once logged into the app you can access the RNIB Bookshare library, you can tap in your bookshelf, add your username and password, and you are directly into the library. From there you can search for a book title or choose one of the many book categories available.

Can I get help with access equipment?

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