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RNIB Bookshare UK education collection membership is for educators supporting learners with print-disabilities and is provided FREE to organisations in the UK. There is an annual membership fee of £150 for non-UK organisations.

Please note. If on applying for membership you do not receive an email response  from us, please check in your spam or junk email folders for a message from or Thanks 


Organisation within the UK

If your organisation doesn't have an RNIB Bookshare account yet, get started today, and become the Primary Contact.

Manage qualifying learners in your organisation, and assist them to access  RNIB Bookshare books and images in a range of accessible formats.


Organisation outside the UK

Organisations outside the UK may also sign up for RNIB Bookshare to access materials for print-disabled learners. The annual membership fee  is £150.

You will need to work with a representative from RNIB Bookshare to set up your account and to provide proof of disability for your learners.