What does it cost?

Learn about membership costs

Membership of UK education collection is free to educators in the UK who are supporting print-disabled learners and allows you to download curriculum resources, including textbooks and accessible images. 

There is a small charge for schools outside of the UK supporting print-disabled learners.

See the print-disabilities that qualify.

Organisations within the UK

    FREE for

    • Early Years centres
    • Schools, Colleges and Universities
    • Sensory Support Teams
    • Adult Learning Centres
    • Supporting print-disabled learners in the UK


    • Access to thousands of books
    • Access to over 3,000 accessible images in large print and braille
    • Add learners to your account
    • Find and request books for your learners
    • Assign books to your learners' reading lists
    • Empower your learners to read on their own, using free reading tools

       Organisations outside the UK

    Annual fee for

    • Early Years centres
    • Schools
    • Colleges
    • Universities
    • Supporting print-disabled learners overseas


    • Access to books where publishers have granted overseas permission
    • Over 3,000 accessible images in large print and braille
    • Find and request books
    • Assign books to your learners
    • Contact us for pricing details and copyright questions