Read with a Kindle

You can use a Kindle to read RNIB Bookshare books with just a little preparation.

Either our DAISY files or PDFs files can be converted into a readable format for a Kindle. The following instructions explain how to do this:

DAISY files – quick guide:

  1. download the book in the DAISY format
  2. extract the files from the ZIP folder
  3. rename the .XML file to .HTML
  4. add the file to your Calibre library
  5. convert the book to AZW3
  6. plug your Kindle into your computer
  7. highlight the title and send to device

Downloadable guide

Converting Daisy files to read on a Kindle (DocXFile)

PDF files – quick guide:

  1. download the book in PDF format
  2. ensure your email address is listed on the learner's authorised Amazon Kindle account
  3. email the book file to the "send to Kindle" email address with “convert” in the subject line
  4. sync the Kindle to see the new book.

Downloadable guide

Sending PDFs to a Kindle - full guidance with screen shots  (DocxFile

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