RNIB Services

Talking Books

Talking Books (external link) provides access to over 30,000 fiction and non-fiction books online for blind and partially sighted adults and children in the UK.

 Users can borrow up to six books at one time and choose to receive them via:

  • Digital download (called RNIB Reading Services).
  • CD (called a DAISY CD) – there is one book per disc (if played in a DAISY CD Player, there is functionality to skip chapters and more).
  • USB stick – there are three books per stick.

 Books are also available to purchase on the RNIB Online Shop.

 How much does it cost? The service is free to use.

How to get started. To register, contact the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999. You can also connect through an Alexa-enabled device by saying “Alexa, call RNIB Helpline”.


Newsagent delivers an extensive range of popular newspapers and magazines (such as Reader’s Digest, New Scientist and BBC Horrible Histories) in a range of formats (including braille, audio on CD/USB/digital download, large print and e-text - a digital text-only file available via email/download).

 How much does it cost? The service is free for children under 16. Children’s titles include: Horrible Histories, National Geographic for Kids, Blast Off, Missy, Pure, and Ready, Steady, Read. 

 To find out more (including prices for adults) or to take out a subscription, contact the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999 or at helpline@rnib.org.uk. You can also connect through an Alexa-enabled device by saying “Alexa, call RNIB Helpline”.

Music Library

The Music Library (external link) has scores and tuition materials that can be enjoyed by established musicians, complete beginners or those who want to revive an old hobby. It offers:

  • over 11,000 braille music scores, from classical pieces and opera to popular music and jazz.
  • the only known lending collection of Modified Stave Notation (MSN) or large print music in the UK.
  • over 1,000 audio tuition courses including for piano, guitar, and voice.

 How much does it cost? Scores can be borrowed for three months and are delivered for free to members of the RNIB Library.

 How to get started. For more information please contact the Music Librarian on 01733 375 333 or email musiclibrarian@rnib.org.uk.

Children, Young People, Families and Education

Our Children, Young People, Families and Education team offer young people with vision impairment and their families information, advice and support on a wide range of important issues, such as: school life, access to learning and planning ahead, starting college or university, moving out of home, careers and getting a job, and free time.

We also offer opportunities to connect with others and get involved in a range of activities, events and campaigning.

Technology for Life

RNIB’s Technology for Life team work to ensure technology support is available for blind and partially sighted people across the UK.

They can help with both simple and complex technology queries and issues offering information, advice, and guidance over the phone, or by email.

Online Shop

RNIB education products and services

We've a selection of specialist educational products to support all stages of learning including tactile graph paper, cubarithm magnet, braille dots tactile reward stickers, large plastic geometric shapes and braille alphabet cards. Our braille courses offer step-by-step learning for both children and adults, but if you're already proficient, use our reference and rule books for brushing up your braille skills. We also sell Orbit Readers which offer onboard forward and backward braille translation as well as easy book reading and note-taking at an affordable price. Get messy and creative with our range of art materials, including our scented markers. Curl up with a good book or enjoy a family board game. Visit rnib.org.uk/shop

Personal Transcription Services

Exam transcription

RNIB produces exam materials in the required accessible format for all levels of exams, such as Key Stage 2, GCSE, and A-Level. They have vast experience in the modification and transcription of materials into braille, large print, modified large print and creating supporting tactile images or diagrams.

 How much does it cost? The specialist team look at a question and determine how this can be adapted and modified to make sure that no student is disadvantaged. They are only able to provide costs for this service when provided with the standard versions of the exam, as costs are based on the length and complexity.

 How to get started. The Personal Transcription team at Ivybridge offer advice and guidance on the best way of providing you with what you need. Feel free to call them on 01752 690 092 or email ivybridgetranscription@rnib.org.uk and they will help you through the whole process.

 Welsh transcription. If you’re based in Wales or require transcription in Welsh, RNIB’s Cardiff Transcription team can help. Please contact them by calling 029 2082 8540 or emailing cardifftranscription@rnib.org.uk

Sight Loss Advice Service

If you need someone who understands sight loss, we’re here for you.

Our Sight Loss Advice Service can give you practical and emotional support to help you face the future with confidence.

We’re here to support you in any way we can, whether it’s on the phone, face-to-face at many hospital eye clinics, or through our online information.

Our advice and information cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • education
  • emotional support
  • employment
  • eye conditions
  • home life and family
  • wellbeing
  • mobility and getting around
  • accessing information
  • welfare benefits
  • leisure
  • technology 

Get in touch

For more information about RNIB and the services we offer:

  • Visit rnib.org.uk
  • Call our Helpline: 0303 123 9999
  • Say “Alexa, call RNIB Helpline” to an Alexa-enabled device
  • Email helpline@rnib.org.uk.