How do I add and update learners to my organisation's list of Members?

How to set up and change accounts for your learners on RNIB Bookshare

Print disabled learners can have their own accounts on RNIB Bookshare, this video shows you how so that they can be downloading and accessing resources independently. We tell you who can set up learner (member) accounts and how to do it.

Please remember: You will not be able to download resources until you have set up your learner accounts and will not be able to set up your learners until we've checked and confirmed that the Primary Contact account set up for your organisation has been approved. 

Giving your learners their own account gives them access to our free built-in reading tool and encourages independent study as well as allowing parents to log in using their childs details to support home learning. It also enables us to provide accurate figures on the number of learners we're reaching to our Fundraising team to help them source donations to support the continued running of this free service. 


Adding learners (members) to an organisation account:

  • Log in
  • Go to "My homepage"
  • Go to "Members" or "Manage your list of learners"
  • Select "Add a member"
  • Complete the details and "Save"
  • Let your learner know their log in details

The password should be at least eight characters long and contain a minimum of one capital letter and one number.

Download our FileMember Login details form (docx. You can use this form to print and issue login details for your members.

To maintain learner privacy, please ensure to anonymise their details when creating their Member account. For example you could enter their true first name, with a number for their surname. 

Required field examples:

  • First name: Mary
  • Last name: Learner1
  • Current grade: Year 5/KS2
  • Username: MaryLSS1
  • Password: MaryLearner1
  • Disability: check relevant box/es
  • Set download preferences

Fields to ignore:

  • District
  • School

Updating learners (members) on an organisation account:

  1. Go to My Homepage

  2. Find the Member link in the left hand navigation list 

  3. Select the pencil icon in the row of the learner you wish to update
  4. The Edit Member screen will allow you to change any details and reset the password for the sponsor.
  5. Select save button

Removing Sponsors (staff) to an organisation account:

  1. Go to My Homepage
  2. Find the Member link in the left hand navigation list 
  3. Select the pencil icon in the row of the learner you wish to update
  4. The Edit Member screen will allow you to select the remove member button.
  5. Select to remove member in the confirmation box .
  6. Select save button

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