How do I add staff (Sponsors) to my organisation's account?

How to set up staff accounts on RNIB Bookshare 

In this video you will see how to set up a staff (sponsor) account and what you can do with it to support your print disabled learner.

Your organisation's Primary Contact can create a Sponsor account for any members of staff within your organisation who also require access to the service and are supporting learners with print-disabilities. You will all be able to add learners (Members) and create and share reading lists.

Please note: We do not send your new sponsor a confirmation with their log in details. Once you have set them up, please let your colleague/s know their username ( email address) and password directly.

Quick steps:

  • Log in
  • Go to "My homepage"
  • Select "Sponsors" or "Manage your list of staff..."
  • Select "Add a sponsor"
  • Complete the details and "Save"
  • Inform the new sponsor of their log in details, ie username (email) and password (we do not do this for you).

Manage your staff account on the Sponsor homepage on RNIB Bookshare

This video will show you how to get started and get the most out of RNIB Bookshare. You will find out about adding learners, creating reading lists, viewing download activity, creating reports, viewing organisational details. You will also find out about our Help Centre to answer any questions.

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