Request a book

Please follow these steps to check if you need to submit a book request

Following these steps will help ensure your request is handled quickly and smoothly. Please be aware that September-October, January and June- July are peak request times. We will deal with your requests as quickly as we can.

Information on these pages is subject to change (last updated - 5 November 2019).

Step 1: Search the site for the book you need. Simply enter the ISBN into the search box (no spaces or hyphens), if we have the title it will appear in the search results. Also search separately for the title. If we don’t have it … 

Step 2: Do you need to contact the publisher directly? Some publishers ask that you contact them directly. This includes the Academic department at Oxford University Press and Pearson US. We have provided contact details where avaalable to us.

Step 3: For publishers working with us you can submit a book request form. This includes Pearson UK and the Schools department at Oxford University Press for their Key Stages 0 to 4, A Level and BTEC titles. We’re happy to approach new publishers too, and are frequently adding new publishers. 

We ask that you check one more thing before submitting your request … 

Step 4: Check publisher file availability dates. Publishers may not have files due to the age of the book or if files were not transferred when they acquired the imprint. For example Pearson cannot provide files for Heinemann titles published before 2009. 

As a general rule, it will be difficult to obtain an electronic file from a publishers archive for a title that predates 2000.

If the publisher works with us (or is new) and the title meets the availability dates … 

Step 5: Request a book. You’ll need to be logged into your account. You must provide the title and ISBN. Also, it helps save us time if you tell us the publisher too. If we need any additional information to fulfil your request, we'll contact you promptly.  

Step 6: Track your book request and see which have been closed and which remain open. Please quote the case number if you need to chase a request. 

Please note: Due to automated live feeds from our growing number of publishers, your title may be added to the collection before the team has chance to check, or is notified by the publisher.  In particular where the publisher provides us with an automated direct feed please check the site regularly for the title you have requested

Turn-around times: We appreciate that it can be difficult, but we do recommend requesting titles as far in advance as possible. Turn-around times from publishers can be as little as 24 hours or up to 10 weeks. At peak times of year the turn-around times can increase. We will chase publishers for outstanding requests regularly.

Step 7: Download your book. You can keep track of your book requests through your account and we'll email you once it's ready to download. Read our Copyright downloading guidance about using and storing books.

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