How do I download from a learner (Member) account?

Learners, download your first book

This video will show learners and parents who have access to an RNIB Bookshare member account how to log in, search, download a title in the accessible format that you need and use a reading list.

Downloading books

As a learner with a Member account you can download the books in a variety of formats, including our free built-in Web Reader tool.

Download our illustrated guide to downloading books from a learner (Member) account.

Available formats

PDF - the book record title will state PDF at the end of it and is only downloadable as a PDF.

EPUB - the book record title will not have anything at the end of it and it can be downloaded in the following formats:

  • Daisy with images
  • Daisy text only
  • Word
  • Audio (DAISY or MP3)
  • Unified English Braille (Contracted or Uncontracted)
  • EPUB through the build in Web Reader tool “Read now”

Download preferences

If you wish to change your download preferences, so that a particular format always appears first in the download menu, please speak to a member of staff with a Sponsor account and they will be able to do this for you.

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