Can RNIB Bookshare members access the Bookshare global collection?

The two collections

The RNIB Bookshare education collection requires the educational organisation to create the primary account, members of staff (Sponsors) can then be added to the account along with learners (Members). Our collection contains thousands of accessible books, textbooks and images to support the UK curriculum.

Learners can also sign-up as individuals to the Bookshare global collection to gain access to an additional 200,000 titles that Bookshare have the rights to distribute in the UK. This service costs $50 USD per year.

Important points about Bookshare global collection membership

  • Your learner's Bookshare global collection account will be separate from their RNIB Bookshare UK education collection account.
  • The Bookshare global collection service is offered by Benetech, which operates out of the United States; please see the Bookshare privacy statement statement for details about the data collected.
  • Proof of Disability must be submitted in order to prove that you have a qualifying print-disability for UK education collection per the U.S. Chafee Copyright Amendment
  • Educators at the school or organisation may be able to assist you with this step.
  • An annual subscription fee of $50 USD is required, entitling the learner to 100 books a month. They may request a higher monthly book limit if needed.

Sign your learner's up to the Bookshare global collection today! 

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