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Exciting changes are coming! Our RNIB Bookshare website is getting an update later this year. We are contacting customers as changes happen about any actions needed by Primary Contacts, Sponsors (education staff) and members (learners). We have put together some... more
You are only able to create Sposnor accounts to add staff to if you are the registered Primary Contact.Sponsors must be staff, faculty, or professionals working with your organization. Sponsors cannot be parents (unless employed by your organisation) or volunteers.... more
Internet Archive is a non-profit US library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.RNIB Bookshare is not connected to, nor makes content available from Internet Archive. We are in the process of having the incorrect references removed... more
How do I download CFVI Resources?Guidance on how to download your resource is available.
What is RNIB Personal Transcription service?Ivybridge Personal Transcription cannot provide large print and braille revision guides, curriculum materials and textbooks. These materials are strictly for educational organisations to provide to students. Ivybridge... more
We will get to your enquiry as soon as we can. Want to contact us directly?Fill out your query and details on our online Contact page, alternatively please email us at: usTel.0300 303 8313 during our office hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm  Our... more
Forgotten your username and password?If you don’t remember, your username is your organisational email address that you provided to us. It will not have changed unless you have asked us to do so.Your password has been set by you, If you can’t find or remember it you... more
What is a Primary Contact?A Primary Contact is the person that initially sets up the organisations account and then becomes the lead on the account. They are the main contact for the RNIB Bookshare team to contact where necessary. The Primary Contact is the only user... more
 I am trying to add a sponsor but the site tells me that their email is already in use.The person you want to add has either an account on another organisational membership or has registered with You can either add them to your account using a different... more
If your learner wants to read a physical copy of a title on RNIB Bookshare it is important to find out the most appropriate way to present materials for them. Different learners will have different requirements, depending on their particular print disability.A great... more
RNIB Bookshare titles can be used on a computer or laptop. They are great to be able to use with the access technology that a learner is already using. Here we look at the file formats available on RNIB Bookshare and give some thought to how this format could be used... more
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. Every book is assigned a unique ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 when published.The ISBN number can be found on the back cover of a book, next to the barcode. If a book doesn't show the ISBN on the back cover, look on the page... more
Do you have any questions about Dolphin EasyReader? Here's some Dolphin and RNIB have already been asked. Why not also check out our other help article: Using Dolphin EasyReader.There are different ways of using the titles on RNIB Bookshare, that is where Dolphin comes... more
Do  your learners struggle to access the curriculum?Would they benefit from accessible textbooks?Do they struggle with reading print materials? Do you need talking eBook editions of textbooks?RNIB Bookshare and the EasyReader app is a great tool, and our jointly hosted... more
Refreshable Braille displays and iPads can be a useful combination for instantly accessing large amounts of content, such as book files from RNIB Bookshare.Set up is reasonably easy once you know how. The steps can vary a little depending on which display you have.... more

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