Reading with audio on RNIB Bookshare

All of RNIB Bookshare UK education collection's books have audio capability. How you access these audio features depends on the type of reading experience you prefer and the type of device you want to use to listen to your books. Note that we do not offer human narrated audio, so all of our audio options will have an electronic voice.

Dolphin EasyReader

Dolphin EasyReader app is great no matter how you want to read, A free app on Apple and iOS, it has been designed to read any RNIB Bookshare title, no matter the format. It's an accessible e-reader with audio capability.


DAISY is a file format that performs similar to the Read Now option while allowing members to permanently save book files to their computers or devices.  It has options for both visible text and audio, however you will need a DAISY reader to read a DAISY book and each reader may provide a slightly different experience. Both DAISY text and DAISY with Images files have audio reading options that change depending upon which DAISY reading program you use, however not all tools will have options to display the images. UK education collection is compatible with many DAISY reading tools, visit the UK education collection Reading Tools pages to find options that best fit your needs.  

MP3 Audio

All UK education collection books are also available in the MP3 file format. Please note that mp3 files are audio only so you will not be able to view any book text or hear how individual words are spelled. MP3s can be listened to using standard MP3 playing software like iTunes or Windows Media Player, or can be transferred onto any MP3 playing device.  For more information on selecting the MP3 format see our article How do I change my audio download preferences to MP3 or DAISY Audio?

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