How do I delete UK education collection Books?

Books cannot be deleted from your download history due to tracking requirements from our funding source and our publishers.  However, you can limit the number of days of history that are displayed on your My History page.  The default is 30 days, but if you download a lot of titles, change that date range to something shorter, such as a week's worth of downloads.

However, if you would like to delete a downloaded file on your computer or on a mobile device you are most definitely free to delete these files. If on a computer please browse to either the "Downloads" or "Documents" folders to locate and the folder containing the name of the book with "_" replacing spaces.

If on Read2Go please browse to the bookshelf of the app and select the "Edit" button, then click the red delete button next to the book that you no longer want to keep on your mobile device.  The process is similar for Go Read or other mobile reading tools. 

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