How do I download Braille Ready Files (BRF)?

Please download BRF files using a computer or braille note-taker. Do not try to download BRF on a tablet or smartphone using these steps.

Staff (Primary Contacts and Sponsors)

  • Search for the book you need. 
  • If the book is available it will appear in the search results. You will need the EPUB file (that doesn’t have PDF after the title). Some books are available in both EPUB and PDF format.
  • Select “Download
  • Check the box next to the learners you wish to download the book for 
  • Select “Download Books
  • Check and confirm the “Download
  • You’ll be taken to your “My history” page, showing your download history.
  • The book status will be “in progress” and will change to “available
  • Select “Available
  • The file will be downloaded a zip file. 
  • Open the zip file to locate your BRF file
  • You may need to extract the BRF file from the zip file before you can use it. To do this right click and select “extract all”
  • The BRF file is no longer in a zip folder and is ready to use.

Downloadable guide

Downloading Braille Ready Files (BRF) - full guidance with screen shots (Docx)

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