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All of UK education collection's books have audio capability. How you access these audio features depends on the type of reading experience you prefer and the type of device you want to use to listen to your books. Note that UK education collection does not offer human... more
To change the download preference for Individual Members:Log in to your UK education collection account.Search for a book.Locate the download drop down menu and select Set Preferences.Select your audio preference and select OK.You can now select the Audio option and... more
MS WordYou can directly download books as structured Word documents Phase one of our Word project went live in September 2017 and takes the uploaded RTF or EPUB file and automatically converts it into a structured Word file that you can easily modify to meet your... more
Some DAISY books have human narration, and many do not. UK education collection books only contain digital text.DAISY format is an extremely flexible file format that permits both digital audio (such as recorded human speech) and digital text (that can be read with any... more
The latest Victor Reader Stream includes built in Wifi allowing UK education collection users to log in, search, and download UK education collection content directly on the device itself. If you have this device click here for more information.If you wish to use a... more
As a member of staff with a Primary Contact or Sponor account you can download the books in a variety of formats. Our free built-in Web Reader tool can only be accessed when downloading from a learner (Member) account.Downloading booksDownload our illustrated guide to... more
As a learner with a Member account you can download the books in a variety of formats, including our free built-in Web Reader tool.Downloading booksDownload our illustrated guide to downloading books from a learner (Member) account.Available formatsPDF - the book... more
To help save you and your learners' time, you can set their download preference so that's the first format to be offered when it's available. So if nine times out of 10 you know your learner would like a Word file you can set this as the preference; you'll be able to... more

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