New academic year, new term? Top tips to get you up to date on RNIB Bookshare!

Forgotten your username and password?

If you don’t remember, your username is your organisational email address that you provided to us. It will not have changed unless you have asked us to do so.

Your password has been set by you, If you can’t find or remember it you can reset your password.

Help, our Primary Contact has left!

If your Primary Contact has left over the summer, we can help you to change the Primary Contact on your account.

Update your staff and learners

Please make sure that you remove any students and staff that have left over the summer and sign up all your learners to have their own accounts and be more independent. Here are some useful links for changes you need to make to your account details.

  • Changing your email address

How do I change the email address on my account?

  • Adding/changing sponsor/staff details

How do I add staff to our account?

  • Adding/changing learner/member details

How can I add learners to our school /organisation account?

Book requesting

We hope that you will find many more of the books you need already available on RNIB Bookshare.

 If you need to request a title, please remember that this is our busiest time for requests, please plan to request your titles with as much notice as possible.

Please be aware that some of our publishers are still adapting to changes from lockdown. either in catching up with publicatons for the new academic year, or still have staff on furlough. This means that some titles are taking longer to get to us. 

 Quick tips that will help get everyone’s books

  • How old? If the book predates 2000, the publisher is unlikely to have a digital copy to share and can’t help (availability of publisher files).

  • Which publisher? Please check the ‘publishers to contact directly’ and ‘publishers working with us’ dates.

  • Regularly check the site for your title. We have many publishers that now add their files directly to RNIB Bookshare, so you may find the title before we do! We will still let you know when we know.

 Training films

If you have forgotten how to do anything on RNIB Bookshare over the summer, don’t worry we have some brilliant films that show you how to do all the main tasks on the site. Discover our training films!

EasyReader 'Textbooks that talk' webinars. Find out all about using Dolphin EasyReader reading app to access any book on RNIB Bookshare with one of our webinars. They are free and only last 30 minutes. Quick and easy!

Get in touch

Please do get in touch if you need us. Again, please be aware that it is our busiest time. Emailing is probably the best way to get in touch or leave us a message and we will get back to you!


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