Storytime with RNIB Bookshare

Welcome to Storytime!

open book with RNIB Bookshare logo and text 'Storytime'

Calling all learners

We want to hear from you. We would love to share your stories about what a difference using RNIB Bookshare and all its books has made to you in school and at home.

Educators, we need your stories 

How RNIB Bookshare has helped your in your work. Have we changed how you get your learners reading and getting the books they need. What difference has this made to you?

Publishers, why do you partner with RNIB Bookshare?

Please tell us what RNIB Bookshare does for you, and why you think other publishers should join the RNIB Bookshare revoluntion!

Why tell us your story?

  1. Telling us your story, helps others to see how they can more from RNIB Bookshare and convince other schools and colleges to join. 
  2. Help us talk to publishers not yet working with us. With your stories we can show them how working with us, makes a real difference to print disabled learners.
  3. RNIB fundraises to make RNIB Bookshare free for all UK organisations. Sharing stories of what a huge difference it makes helps us to fundraise to keep it free.