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Read our learners stories. We are seeing such a difference in education, learners are getting the titles they need. Were learners have their own access to RNIB Bookshare through their school they are getting to download a choice of curriculum reading and also leisure reading, leading to greater independence! Great news.

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girl of approx 13 years, wearing headscarf, with a tablet in a classroom

Learners in school

A happy parent

Held back by his lack of access

Her son is taking his GCSE’s (summer 2018); and is predicted to get a’s across the board. SHe told us that the most significant impact on that process was his access to RNIB Bookshare on his iPad.

RNIB Bookshare has been such a positive influence on him, he is bright, but was being held back by his access to the resources he needed.

June 2018

Learners in further and higher education

A partially sighted student studying at university

RNIB's best kept secret!

Writing her last essay, Grace said that she struggled with her assignments as she had access to only 1 textbook, whilst other students averaged 5 textbooks.

She was told about RNIB Bookshare by RNIB’s wonderful Resource Centre in Judd Street and got her college to give her access. She has searched and browsed the site and has already found all the books she needs to study with and knows now how to request any that we haven’t got. She said that she is so happy! She told us that we are RNIB's best kept secret, which she would tell everyone about!

Nanjiba, A University Graduate

Nanjiba, recently completed her university course. As a student with sight loss she was able to use RNIB Bookshare during her studies.

“I needed accessible key readings whilst at university and RNIB Bookshare helped me.”

Suffering in silence

During her second year at Goldsmiths University of London Nanjiba had trouble accessing her key readings resources.

“I could easily access the resources I needed on my university’s virtual learning portal, yet I still had trouble reading them.”

The problem was that the resources were just scanned images of the text for the chapters she was required to read, this was the case for several different books.

Text to speech software can’t understand text that has been scanned as an image. As a result, Nanjiba struggled.

“I spent the majority of my first term suffering in silence, reading all my resources by eye, getting tired, frustrated and spending a lot of time trying to read it all. Doing my course reading was easier said than done.”

Finding out about RNIB Bookshare

Nanjiba decided to talk to staff at her university and met the library liaison staff who discussed her difficulties and needs with her. They introduced her to RNIB Bookshare. 

“At the time Bookshare was my saviour, after joining the website and finding the texts I needed I was able to download PDF text versions which were compatible with my text to speech software.”

She said that she did have some difficulties with logging in, and initially opening the books once they’d been downloaded.

“Thankfully the RNIB team were very helpful and these issues were easily resolved.”

Make your education experience easier!

Through using RNIB Bookshare Nanjiba told us that she was able to manage her workload like others on her course, without hurting her eyes.

“It’s a great resource which should make your education experience easier. Give it a go, it might be the very thing you didn’t know you needed!”