Dyslexia, an RNIB Bookshare story

Liz is a Programme Tutor for Dyslexia at Oldham College. She only started using RNIB Bookshare in Spetember 2019, and was so impressed she immidiately told us her first impressions and experience of using RNIB Bookshare.

"I am a new user to RNIB Bookshare and am really impressed with the service. I found the training videos were a great place to start – I started finding my way around the library straight away and very quickly created a number of reading lists that will be invaluable when working with my learners next year."

And how has Liz found using RNIB Bookshare with learners with Dyslexia?

"I have used RNIB Bookshare with one dyslexic learner so far. She was able to access her course textbook without any difficulty and started using it within minutes of logging into the service for the first time. She also used text-to-speech software to read along with her as she read, thus extending her vocabulary and understanding and making the experience more multi-sensory."

It's fantastic to hear a real experience of how learners with dyslexia are benefitting from using RNIB Bookshare. Thanks Liz! 

"I am looking forward to introducing RNIB Bookshare to many more dyslexic learners this year and to also introduce the resource to our VI Team at college."

Case study from Liz, Programme Tutor - Dyslexia, Oldham College

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