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Our content reaches across someones complete edication. Early learning literacy to GCSE's to further and higher education. A large number of institutions use RNIB Bookshare to provide accessible resources for learners with a print disability. We have gathered soe fantastic stories deom both library staff and students about what RNIB Bookshare has meant for them when they are studying. So read on!

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As an Academic, University or College of further or higher education, have you got a story you can shareabout your experiences using RNIB Bookshare? Let us know and we will send you our Educator story template for you to download and complete your own.

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"One of the great things about @RNIBBookshare is the way it gives so many disabled students proper autonomy and independence. Still astonished that some FE & HE orgs haven't joined (or join but don't promote to students). It's great. Use it!" Alistair McNaught, JISC, May 2019

"Accessing RNIB Bookshare has had a profound benefit on our learners!" David, Bath Spa University, March 2019

"Between the books already available on RNIB Bookshare and the books which you have requested from the publishers, I have been able to supply a second year nursing student with 30+ books within a week of accessing the reading lists, which is amazing for her (and us!). Thank you very much" Angharad, Swansea University Transcription Centre 16 January 2019