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Newman University

"We started using RNIB Bookshare this year (2019) and our print impaired students are so grateful. I have had to ask for help on some occasions (on the RNIB website) and I am so impressed by the excellent answers I got back. It is a most wonderful service that you provide."

Anneliese, Academic Service Librarian, Newman University - June 2019

Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

"RNIB Bookshare is an excellent resource which saves our very small team so much time and paperwork when requesting files from publishers for our students. Their collection seems to be growing at a fast rate and the turnaround time has grown significantly!"

Sally, ARACU, Bodliean Libraries, University of Oxford

Bath Spa University

"A profound benefit on our learners!"

"Accessing RNIB Bookshare has had a profound benefit on our learners. This academic year (2018-9) we had a new student with a severe physical impairment. She couldn't hold books and visiting the library to collect resources was incredibly difficult. When I introduced her to the Bookshare site she was elated! The ability to access books, borrow them without time limits or return dates, has given her more freedom to study in the way she wants than anything else the university has been able to provide."
David, Customer Services Manager, Bath Spa University (March 2019)

University of Bristol

"An independent approach"

"Our student started searching and finding resources on RNIB Bookshare to find books from resource lists which go beyond essential core texts, taking an independent approach (and less work for us!)"
Mary, Library Support Co-ordinator, University of Bristol (March 2019)

University of Portsmouth

"We simply would not have the time or staff ..."

"We could not offer the high level of support and equitable service to our print disabled learners, particularly those learning in isolation at a distance, without the resources of RNIB Bookshare. We simply would not have the time or staff to make the resources for our print and visually impaired clients accessible without RNIB Bookshare."
David, Assistant Librarian, University of Portsmouth (March 2019)

Royal Holloway University of London

"Accessible copies to our students almost instantly"

"RNIB Bookshare has allowed us to supply accessible copies to our students almost instantly. It is great when you type in an ISBN and the accessible copy is right there, ready for download."
Eva, Senior Information Assistant, Royal Holloway University of London (March 2019)