Area 10: Social, Sports and Leisure

This area of the framework recognises the importance of supporting children and young people with vision impairment to have opportunities to participate in social, sport and leisure opportunities, and the community which is traditionally beyond formal education.

For more information regarding this element of the framework, please download the Curriculum Framework for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment (CFVI) and accompanying guidance.

Examples of targeted intervention approaches

  • Accessing family groups, such as baby and toddler groups in the community
  • Providing opportunities for interaction with others with vision impairment (e.g. family groups, transition days, social events)
  • Awareness of national charities and organisations supporting leisure and sporting opportunities for children and young people with vision impairment, including mentoring opportunities.
  • Accessing community groups, such as youth clubs
  • Participating in religious activities
  • Support for residential experiences within the school context.
  • Knowing how to get involved in social, sport and leisure activities and finding out what is available
  • Accessing sports, including competitive sports, providing access to adapted sports activities where the young person can fully participate and work towards competing/higher level skills if they wish.
  • Accessing music, including learning instruments and playing in musical ensembles
  • Building skills and independence to enable young people to build and sustain positive friendships
  • Meeting up with friends in age appropriate settings
  • Accessing online communities, including keeping safe online
  • Accessing social venues including restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, theatres, and cinemas

Use of resources in practice

When using resources signposted via or downloaded from RNIB Bookshare, consideration should be given to any health and safety risks that might be involved and it is the responsibility of the user of these resources to undertake an appropriate risk assessment where applicable. RNIB assumes no responsibility or liability to the extent permitted by law for any injury, loss or damage incurred as a result of any use or reliance upon the information and material contained within or downloaded from RNIB Bookshare.


Family groups and opportunities to meet others with a VI

See also 'Accessing Online Communities/ Keeping Safe Online' (below)

  • VICTA activities & services for families (External). Programme of activities include Family Weekends, Family Days and Early Years Days, all designed to encourage parent support networks, provide information and improve the emotional, social and living skills of the children and young adults. Parents.

Charities and organisation offering leisure/ sporting opportunities

  • British Blind Sport (External). British Blind Sport aims to ensure that sport and leisure facilities are accessible to every blind or partially sighted person in the UK, with the intention of improving their physical health and self esteem.  Sports include: Archery, Athletics, Cricket, Football, Goalball, Shooting, Ten pin bowling. QTVIs, other professionals, parents and CYPVI.
  • Metro sport (External). Metro is a London based Sports and Social Club for blind and partially sighted people of all ages. Members include many of the UK’s top international sports men and women, as well as those who are new to sport or who want to enjoy less competitive activities.  QTVIs, other professionals, parents and CYPVI.
  • RNIB: Sport and leisure – RNIB website (External). Comprehensive page listing lots of useful links to support people with vision impairment get involved in all kinds of sport. QTVIs, other professionals, parents and CYPVI.
  • Goalball UK: (External)  Goalball UK are a registered charity and the National Governing Body for goalball in the UK. Here you will find information about the sport, how to play and become involved and how schools can adopt the sport which developing confidence, teamwork, communication and social skills in children and young people of all ages and abilities.

  • TV Licence: Concession (External). If a child is Severely Sight Impaired, their family can apply for a 50% concession on a TV licence.

Downloadable Resources

Accessing music and performance/ creative arts

  • Amber Trust: External: National charity dedicated to supporting visually impaired children with their musical development and education. Includes free resources for parents and professionals. QTVIs, other professionals, parents and CYPVI.
  • UCAN productions (External). UCAN is a performance and creative arts co-operative for blind and partially sighted children, young people and their friends. The practical aim is to develop personal, physical and vocal confidence through drama games, music and movement exercises. QTVIs, other professionals, parents and CYPVI.
  • Touchdown Dance (External). Touchdown Dance is a dance company that creates performances and workshops for and involving both people with vision impairment and sighted dancers.  Their workshops are suitable for everyone, but are especially designed for people with vision impairment, and those with learning or other disabilities. Parents and CYPVI.
  • Flamingo Chicks (External). Flamingo Chicks CIC provides an inclusive community giving children with disabilities and illnesses the opportunity to enjoy ballet alongside their friends. Parents and CYPVI.

Accessing online communities/ keeping safe online

  • Guide Dogs: Internet safety for kids (External). Guidance for children and young people, guidance for parents, resources for parents, training and resources for professionals. QTVIs, other professionals and parents.
  • LOOK UK: Staying Safe Online: The VIP Guide! (External). What does keeping safe online mean to visually impaired young people? The online world and tech are so important for VI people for so many reasons. Find out why, from one of LOOK's mentors. Content for CYPVI.
  • RSBC Youth Forum (External). The RSBC Youth Forum is a group of young people committed to bringing about positive change for young people who are blind or partially sighted. CYPVI.
  • RSBC: Connecting Families Group (External). RSBC "Connecting Parents" Facebook group brings together parents and carers of visually impaired children and young people so that they have a safe space to share and support each other. Parents.
  • The VICTA Parent Network (External). Parents supporting and advising one another, local events and groups to create networks of parents across the country. Parents.
  • VICTA social networking groups for parents list (External). A selection of social networking groups which provide ideas, support and inspiration for raising a child with vision impairment. Parents.
  • VI Talk (External). VI Talk is aimed at anyone with vision impairment, those who know someone who is or has connections with a charity, organisation or group which offers services and or support to people with vision impairment. Parents and CYPVI.
  • LOOK UK (External). LOOK creates opportunities for families to connect with each other, online and face to face, and signposts to vital information and services. Parents and CYPVI.
  • RNIB: Parents & Carers of VI Children (External). Community bringing together everyone who is a parent or carer of a child who has a vision impairment. This group is a supportive, safe environment. Parents.
  • Thomas Pocklington Trust: Student Support Service (External). This online community is for blind and partially sighted students, family and friends, education providers and other staff in the sector. QTVIs, other professionals, parents and CYPVI.
  • Facebook braille Support Group (External). For anyone who is an experienced Braillist, anyone starting out learning Braille and anyone in between. This group is for people to offer or gain support from each other. Parents.
  • VI Parents and Carers Together (External). The VI Parents and Carers Together group on Facebook is a closed group for parents and/or carers who are either blind or partially sighted.  Space to discuss tips and tricks of parenting and caring for children big and small, share life experiences and talk about what it is like to be a parent or carer with sight loss. Parents.

Accessing social venues and entertainment