Signposting to RNIB Bookshare

Can we send our customers with accessiblity requests directly to you?

Yes you can, providing they are from an educational organisation. If they are a non-UK based school, you will need to ensure you've allowed the books they're requesting to be distributed in their region.

You can sign-post to our collection from your accessibility information page and direct all customer enquiries about texts for print-disabled learners to us, this means you only have to provide the file once. Some suggested text:

RNIB Bookshare is an online resource that provides UK curriculum materials in a range of accessible formats that can be read electronically or adapted to suit the personal reading needs of learners. The service enables learners who cannot read standard print, including those with dyslexia or sight loss, to read the same books at the same time as their peers, giving them the same educational opportunities.

With RNIB Bookshare you can access thousands of accessible books from Early Years to Higher Education, and thousands of images in clear print and tactile formats for curriculum and leisure topics including Maths, Science and Geography.

Visit to set up your account and start downloading resources. You can contact the RNIB Bookshare team by emailing or calling 0300 3030 8313.

If you can't find the book you're looking for in the collection please complete the RNIB Bookshare book request form.

If you would like our logo to display alongside, please contact us.