Priestley Smith School

There are also some great resources that you can access from the school.

Supporting RNIB Bookshare 

It's great to work with Priestley Smith school, and we have done so for a number of years. We have filmed and photographed the school, the staff and the learners! They are generous in sharing their time with us when it can benefit others. Our wonderful introduction to RNIB Bookshare film was filmed there with Mary Ellen and her learners.

Tactile discrimination skills (TDS)

This is an area of learning that the school were keen to develop, and is now on the curriculum. This supports learners to develop skills in reading braille and tactile images in an understanding and thoughtful way.

It has additionally helped a number of learners where english is not a first language develop language skills. We hope to share these programmes on this page soon.  

West Midlands reprographics team

This is a group, like others around the country, made up of Sensory support teams and services that meets to share good practice, knowledge and learning. They meet regularly and if possible we go along. Priestely Smith School is a key part of this group. 

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