Our fabulous volunteers

We've a great team of volunteers who help deliver the service.


Keen on working with our publishers.

Amelia joined our lovely team of volunteers in Septemmber 2017, and is a super quick learner! She has dived into book requests with enthusuiasm and is keen to learn all she can about publishers as she would love to pursue an interest in publishing.


Confident and makes us laugh a lot.

Chantelle joined us in October 2016 and volunteers three days a week in Peterborough. Her young daughter is now at school and Chantelle is enjoying coming into work, developing her knowledge of JAWS and gaining office experience. Chantelle worked on the huge task of adding our 3,000 accessible images to the collection and is currently learning how to process membership applications.


Loves to keep busy and has great customer service focus.

Debbie joined the team in March 2017 and volunteers with us three mornings a week in Peterborough. Debbie was a teacher for 25 years and now is a part-time administrator for a schools' grant for The Jerusalem Trust online. Debbie carries out daily administrative tasks and is key to keeping your book request turn-around times as low as possible and helping to increase the number of titles in the collection, as well as helping answer your general enquiries.


Loves volunteering for RNIB!

Irene became a volunteer with RNIB Bookshare in October 2017. She previously volunteered for RNIB when living in London, she enjoyed the experience so much that she wanted to continue when she moved to Birmingham. She is a welcome member of the team ... she's enthusiastic and passionate about what we do and is enjoying learning new skills as she responds to, and processes, your book requests.


Loves books and wants others to be able to read them too!

Lisa has been volunteering with RNIB Bookshare since September 2017.  She is works on books requests and following up on outstanding book requests with our publishers. She loves working through a list of book requests and is always determined to get to through them all!


Super efficient and keeps us busy with a smile!

Semanti joined us in July 2017 and volunteers one morning a week from our Birmingham office. Semanti is a librarian who has recently moved from India. She knows how important books are for childrens' education, whilst in India she helped to set up a library for street kids. She's taking a break from work at the moment and is sharing her skills with us and keeping your book requests flowing through to the publishers and contacting them to chase up requests. Its great to have her on our team, helping to grow the content in our collection.