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Stacy Scott

Reader Services Product Manager, RNIB Bookshare

Excited to see RNIB Bookshare expand – reaching as many blind and partially sighted people as possible. 

Stacy is delighted to come on-board with RNIB Bookshare, joining the team in November 2017. Watching the service grow from just 100 titles to where we are now is amazing.

She has been heavily involved in the VI education sector since 2003 – working in the UK, Africa, Bangladesh and India. Stacy has worked with numerous technology companies and educational establishments, with the view to providing accessible content. Whether it’s accessing museums, theatre, movies, or books – she understands the full importance of getting the content you need, in the way you need it!

Delivering the RNIB Bookshare service to help enable visually impaired learners to access their educational content; from music to maths, literature and languages is of such huge importance to Stacy. As someone who has worked in the VI sector and is registered blind, she knows first-hand on both a personal and professional level, the immense challenges that blind and partially sighted people face – particularly in the area of education.

Stacy is extremely excited to see the emergence of content that was once incredibly difficult to source and make accessible. Having a background in Mathematics, it is of particular importance to her that neither person nor subject is left behind in our quest for accessible content! If you can read it, hear it, or feel it – she wants to provide it for you!

Caroline Walker

Reader Services Assistant, RNIB Bookshare

Loves RNIB Bookshare and is passionate about the difference it can make to learners.

Caroline joined RNIB's Centre for Accessible Images in 2009 to work on the ImageShare project which merged with the Load2Learn development in 2010, finally becoming RNIB Bookshare in 2016. Caroline is based in our Birmingham office.

With a strong customer focus  Caroline is always happy to talk to customers and likes share with others how to get the best out of RNIB Bookshare for the benefit of learners with a print disability .

Caroline is our accessible image guru and is always happy to talk to you about designing your own images and how learners can get the most out of the different image formats.

Ian Green

Reading Services Assistant, RNIB Bookshare

Passionate about providing an accessible education 

Ian's has reached a huge milestone this year, having now worked at RNIB for over 40 years.  He joined the RNIB Bookshare team in June 2016, moving across from audio production where he worked for eight years. He brings skills and experience of using audio production tools including SADIE, Dolphin Easy Publisher, Adobe Audition and Wavelab.

Ian's previous roles saw him work in our Braille Library, on the Helpline and in our Membership team giving him great customer service background.

Ian and his son are both partially sighted and Ian was heavily involved in ensuring his son's educational experience was fully accessible. He was a school govenor for seven years with responsbility for the SEN provision.

Ian is based in our Peterborough office and will be using his volunteer management experience to recruit, train and develop our volunteers. He's fantastic at all the technical stuff of getting the books from the publishers to us and then to you!

Teresa Battey

Reader Services Assistant, RNIB Bookshare

Teresa loves a good read, and the chance to help a customer!

Before joining Bookshare in July 2018, Teresa worked in the RNIB Connect Team, and before that on the Helpline for two years; both roles involved extensive customer liaison - something which Teresa enjoys.

Prior to joining the RNIB, Teresa worked as a volunteer Generalist Adviser with the Citizens Advice Bureau for three years. Another customer focused role which involved helping customers resolve issues around employment, housing and benefits.

Teresa did her degree in English and she understands how important it is for everyone to share the same level of access to texts, including books, journals, magazines and newspapers. Teresa’s favourite novel is ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F Scott Fitzgerald and she has an eclectic taste poetry, enjoying poets such as Yeats, Seamus Heaney, Benjamin Zephaniah and John Cooper Clarke (all available on RNIB Bookshare).

Teresa is very happy to speak to you about Bookshare and help you navigate your way around our extensive library.

Stacy Scott

Stacy Rowe, RNIB Bookshare manager


Caroline Walker

Photo of Caroline Walker

Ian Green

Ian Green
book cover of ' The Great Gatsby', 4 elongated styilised people, dressed in 1920's style dress, the man on the left in evening dress with top hat

'The Great Gatsby' by F Scott Fitzgerald is Teresa's favourite book