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Dolphin Easyreader, is a great easy to use accessible reading app, as a well-known assistive technology provider, it provides a really nice, easy experience for learners with print disabilities downloading and reading accessibly.

What is EasyReader?

EasyReader is a reading app produced by Dolphin Computer Access who specialise in accessible technology solutions. More about EasyReader:

  • runs on Apple, Android and Windows
  • provides a simple and accessible way to search for, download and play any book from RNIB Bookshare on a smartphone or tablet
  • available to download for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and from the Dolphin website
  • allows learners to select, download and read independently. 

EasyReader provides access to a number of online libraries around the world. In the UK you can access RNIB Bookshare for accessible curriculum materials and RNIB Reading Services for leisure reading (for blind and partially sighted people), Project Gutenberg and Bookshare International. Apart from Project Gutenberg, you will need account details to log into these different libraries.

EasyReader Premium

EasyReader Premium provides a new, more convenient, synchronised reading experience, with additional features that enhance those already in the free EasyReader App. Personal subscriptions (£30 per year) and Education subscriptions (from £100 per year) are available (external links). Features include:

  • Synchronising across devices
  • Remembering Reading Position and saving Bookmarks
  • Remembering Reading Preferences
  • Saving Clipboard text
  • Opening text-based PDFs from your device
  • Downloading additional high-quality reading voices
  • Managing Student accounts
  • Accessing Google Classroom & Microsoft Education

Download Dolphin EasyReader App

Installing and setting up 

  1. Create a free account with Dolphin from within the app. You can do this with an email address and password (this is different to your RNIB Bookshare log in).
  2. Select RNIB Bookshare from the list of libraries.
  3. Log in using your RNIB Bookshare username and password
  4. You can now search for the title you need or find it if it’s in any of your Reading lists or previously downloaded History.
  5. Personalise to your own font/colour/size reading preferences.

EasyReader will automatically select the file format for the title you select, and will open the file in the accessible E-reader. 

Your Dolphin EasyReader account allows you to read on different devices without losing your place. EasyReader works very well with Voiceover and Talkback. You can use Voiceover and Talkback gestures to find and activate options.

Find out all you need at a webinar

We regularly host free online training webinars to help you get the most out of using EasyReader with RNIB Bookshare. They are usually around 30 minutes long, so they're just as quick and easy as using the app! 

Contact Dolphin EasyReader

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Webpage. EasyReader support information

Find out more

Got some questions, here are some Dolphin have already answered; Q&A about DolphinEasyReader.


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