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If you create an accessible digital copy of a title from a publisher who can't help us with a title which is too old to be in their archive or they don't have an digital file to share,  can you add it to RNIB Bookshare for someone lse who needs it? 

Submit your accessible books

You can add books to the collection in the following formats: RTF, PDF and EPUB.

We would love for you to share an EPUB file, as this will make the book available in all accessible download formats. If you can, please also share a PDF file, it will only be available to download as a PDF, but some learners prefer an accessible 'text-recognisable' PDF. 

Visit our Submit an accessible book to RNIB Bookshare page for more information, you can also download our FileManual book submission_guidance (Aug21) (Docx).

Structured content

Please do your best to only provide structured content, this will ensure that it is in great shape to be used by a learner with access technology. It's the difference of reading a book with chapters and being able to navigate across chapters, paragraphs and contents, or a 500 page block on text.

Guidance_on_modifying_structured_word_file is available.

Upgrade your account 

Before you can submit books to RNIB Bookshare you will need to contact us to request "Volunteer status" to be applied to your account.

Volunteering opportunities

Contribute your skills and passions to help learners with print-disabilities read and achieve their academic goals. By volunteering with RNIB Bookshare you'll help grow the collection to increase the choice of materials for learners of all ages and provide information and support to our customers; teachers, support staff and families. 

 More information and vacancies can be found at RNIB volunteering.

8 March 2022

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