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Submit your accessible books

You can add books to the collection in the following formats: RTF, PDF and EPUB. Adding the EPUB or RTF file will make the book available in all accessible download formats. If you add a PDF file, it will only be available to download as a PDF. 

Download our Manual book submission guidance  (Docx)

Upgrade your account 

Before you can submit books to the UK education collection you will need to contact us to request "Volunteer status" to be applied to your account.

If you provide a non-structured RTF or EPUB file it will either be rejected from the upload queue or passed to our volunteers to add the structure before it can be added to the collection. Please do your best to only provide structured content, this will ensure it gets added to the collection and to learners who require it much faster. View our self-study course on creatining and modyfing structured Word documents.

Books we can't get from publishers

We also have a list of books you've requested that publishers don't have files for, if you have a copy of any of these titles, please scan them and add them to the collection (link to the list coming soon).

Volunteering opportunities

Contribute your skills and passions to help learners with print-disabilities read and achieve their academic goals. By volunteering with RNIB Bookshare you'll help grow the collection to increase the choice of materials for learners of all ages and provide information and support to our customers; teachers, support staff and families. Learn more about our volunteering opportunities in Peterborough and Birmingham.

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