Support services stories

Rebecca, QTVI at Northumberland Sensory Support

"I have introduced a young man who is home schooled to RNIB Bookshare. This has opened up a world of resources! Hw is working towards his GCSE's and is now able to download and read books of his chice as well as those I suggest. Thank you!" (May 2019)

Emma, QTVI at North Lincolnshire Council

"I use it for textbooks – especially when the publishers put books on, such as Pearson. Invaluable resource"

"Used for tuition books. It lightens the workload of our curriculum support officer, who modifies books on request. We've used it for leisure reading, using member accounts."  (May 2019)

Hollie, QTVI at Cheshire East Sensory Support

"I introduce it to most of my caseload. It's especially useful for guided reading / shared reading sessions. It gives visually impaired children and young people easier access, and it means that teachers don't need to do as many modifications.
I also help families set it up at home, so pupils can access reading homework or free read.
The app (Dolphin EasyReader) is easy to use, I especially love how it links directly to RNIB Bookshare and how easy it is to change the colour, size, font etc.
Being free is a massive bonus as schools and families can do it immediately and no family is excluded."  (May 2019)

Alison, QTVI at STEPS Derby City Council

"Readers in Primary schools wanting large print resources were finding it was difficult to manage waiting times for our local library service. I passed on the details (of RNIB Bookshare) to the teacher. Both teacher and child now access the books easily, what was important was that the child with visual impairment didn't feel diiferent"

"Every teacher that I have passed  this (RNIB Bookshare) onto has been very receptive and pleased as to how helpful it has been and how well is supports the learner." (May 2019)

Lorraine, QTVI from Portsmouth

'RNIB Bookshare is one of my top tips for teachers.'

In my role as a QTVI (qualified teacher of visual impairment), I support children and young people with a visual impairment in a range of educational settings, from nursery to college. RNIB Bookshare is one of my top tips for teachers. There is a huge range of titles available to support the learning of children and young people with a visual impairment. It can also help to develop independent study skills and organisation through the use of reading lists. On a practical level, it is a great time saver for teachers when planning and resourcing lessons. The growing bank of accessible images is always worth investigating. I would recommend that anyone working with children and young people with a visual impairment should take some time to explore what Bookshare has to offer. (March 2019)

Joanne, Sensory Support Service Team Leader

The breadth of the electronic books you have is fantastic!

Coventry SEND logo and text, a flower using different colour handprints for the petals

The breadth of the electronic books you have is fantastic. I had a request for a book yesterday and within 5 minutes I had found it and got a copy sent through for the VI pupil.

We are encouraging families and schools to enrol their children and students so they can access the books themselves. (2017)

A teacher or assistant is helping a smiling student as he uses his computer.