Titles to try

  • MalorieBlackman's book 'CloudBusting' is about Sam the class bully and Davey. 
  • JaquelineWilson's 'Buried Alive' is a humorous tale sensitively highlighting issues such as friendship and bullying.  
  • 'Starman and Me'  covers themes of #bullying and friendship run alongside those of science and the possibilities of DNA in this clever debut novel for upper primary or Year 7/8 readers. 
  • 'The Boy with Wings' by Lenny Henry is funny & exciting school story with themes of bullying, racism, and the challenges of being adopted. 
  • 'Hazel Hill is Gonna Win This One' by Maggie Horne is an inspiring read about a girl who attempts to make friends for the first time, and challenges the behaviour of a boy in her class.