What does it cost?

Membership of RNIB Bookshare is free to educators in the UK who are supporting print-disabled learners and allows you to download curriculum resources, including textbooks and accessible images. 

There is a small charge of £150 for schools outside of the UK supporting print-disabled learners.

See the print-disabilities that qualify.

Providing an email address

Please provide an organisational email address. The name on the email address must match that of the named person applying for membership. Generic email addresses are not permitted due to privacy and data protection issues affecting the members and learners on the account. 

Please note. If on applying for membership you do not receive an email response  from us, please check in your spam or junk email folders for a message from Edcollection@rnib.org.uk

Organisations within the UK

    FREE for

    • Early Years centres
    • Schools, Colleges and Universities
    • Sensory Support Teams
    • Adult Learning Centres
    • Supporting learners with a print-disability in the UK


    • Access to thousands of books
    • Access to over 3,000 accessible images in large print and braille
    • Add learners to your account
    • Find and request books for your learners
    • Assign books to your learners' reading lists
    • Empower your learners to read on their own, using free reading tools

       Organisations outside the UK

    Annual fee for

    • Early Years centres
    • Schools
    • Colleges
    • Universities
    • Supporting learners with a print-disability overseas


    • Access to books where publishers have granted overseas permission
    • Over 3,000 accessible images in large print and braille
    • Find and request books
    • Assign books to your learners
    • Contact us for pricing details and copyright questions