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The 6 Keys: Unlock Your Genetic Potential for Ageless Strength, Health, and Beauty

by Jillian Michaels

Reverse the effects of aging and maintain optimal health for life through the revolutionary 6 Keys program by New York Times bestselling author Jillian Michaels. With Master Your Metabolism, Jillian Michaels showed us how to take control of the metabolic machinery underneath our weight and health struggles. Now she's ahead of the curve again -- conquering the mayhem, myths, and misunderstandings associated with aging. After all, if you can decide your weight, why not your age? Scientists and doctors have identified six major age inciters: metabolism, damaged macromolecules, epigenetics, inflammation, stress adaptation, telomeres.The 6 Keys presents an ageless health, fitness, and beauty plan that addresses all six of them -- and gets them working for you instead of against you. Empowering and rigorously researched, The 6 Keys outlines powerful lifestyle interventions, dietary guidelines, exercise plans, and vanguard strategies for cultivating mindfulness that restore and protect human performance, keeping you fit, healthy, and beautiful for life.

6 Nightmares: Real Threats in a Dangerous World and How America Can Meet Them

by Anthony Lake

Part important warning, part riveting memoir, former National Security Advisor Anthony Lake paints six terrifying scenarios that threaten our country's safety and shows how the government is prepared to face them - and how it is not. Though we live in a time of peace, serious threats to our national security lie just beyond the horizon. In Six Nightmares, former National Security Advisor Anthony Lake examines six major threats to America's safety that could arise from global terrorism, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and other serious risks. Weaving in firsth and views of key recent decisions, he shows how these threats could become real, how the government is prepared to face them and the alarming ways in which it is not.

60 Years of the New York Convention: Key Issues and Future Challenges

by Katia Fach Gomez

Worldwide interest in the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards has never been higher, and the New York Convention of 1958, currently adhered to by 159 States including the major trading nations, remains the most successful treaty in this area of commercial law. This incomparable book, marking the Convention’s 60th anniversary, provides a fully updated analysis of the Convention’s application from international, comparative, and national perspectives. Drawing on a global conference held in Seville in April 2018 that was actively supported by UNCITRAL, the book’s 27 chapters, by highly qualified international practitioners and academics from different jurisdictions, address the subject with critical eyes, well aware of current developments and future challenges in the field of arbitration. Among the issues and topics covered are the following: Multi-tiered dispute resolution clauses. Applicability of the UN Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts. Complexities of enforcing orders determined by software. Enforcement of annulled awards. European Union law and the New York Convention. Enforcing awards against States and State entities. Sovereign immunity as a ground to refuse compliance with investor-State awards; Enforcement against non-signatories. Public policy exception. Arbitrating and enforcing foreign awards in specific countries and regions, including China, sub-Saharan Africa, and the ASEAN countries. Ample reference is made throughout to leading cases and practice. Familiarity with the intricacies of the New York Convention, as the most universally acknowledged framework in which cross-border economic exchanges can flourish, is essential for judges, practitioners, legal staff, business people, and scholars working with or applying international commercial arbitration anywhere in the world. This book’s combination of highly thought-provoking topics and the depth with which they are addressed will prove invaluable to all interested parties

61 Hours: (Jack Reacher 14) (Jack Reacher #14)

by Lee Child

GET READY FOR THE MOST EXCITING COUNT-DOWN OF YOUR LIFEHOUR SIXTY-ONE Icy winter in South Dakota. A bus skids and crashes in a gathering storm. On the back seat: Jack Reacher, hitching a ride to nowhere. A life without baggage has many advantages. And disadvantages too, like facing the arctic cold without a coat. HOUR THIRTY-ONEA small town is threatened by sinister forces. One brave woman is standing up for justice.If she's going to live to testify, she'll need help from a man like Reacher.Because there's a killercoming for her.HOUR ZEROHas Reacher finally met his match? He doesn't want to put the world to rights. He just doesn't like people who put it to wrongs.NOW READ THE SEQUEL: Worth Dying For (Reacher #15)

The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan: Living Well and Being Fit with Diabetes, No Matter Your Weight (Marlowe Diabetes Library)

by Sheri Colberg-Ochs

Most of the 18.2 million Americans currently living with diabetes have been advised by their doctors, or other health-care providers, that weight loss is essential for them to control their condition and stay healthy. However, the vast majority of people fail miserably at dieting, ultimately regaining the pounds they manage to lose. The latest research confirms, though, that diabetic people do not have to lose significant amounts of body fat to be healthy. The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan guides people step-by-step to achieve a healthy body despite having excess body fat and diabetes or pre-diabetes-primarily by becoming physically fit. With practical information and tips on physical fitness, blood sugar balance with physical activity, nutrition, nutritional supplements, emotional fitness, diabetic medications, motivation, and more, The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan gives readers the knowledge they need to prevent, reverse, and control their diabetes through fitness-and to live a long, healthy life without the need for dieting and weight loss-making this the essential diabetes fitness resource.


by Dimitris Anastasiou

A=-A is a beautiful, dark and surreal story, about a man called Alpha whose world is quite literally turned upside down for a day. As he wanders the streets of his hometown, reality flips on its axis, sending him and the reader on a wild and extraordinary journey.This wholly immersive, escapist, psychedelic mystery centres around two profound philosophical questions: in a strange and unreliable world, can we be certain of anything? And if we stop craving certainty - and entertain doubt - what new possibilities become available to us?'Gloriously odd, deeply moving . . . In short: a trip.' - Niall Griffiths, winner of the Wales Book of the Year 2020

A Veces se Gana - A Veces Aprende: Las grandes lecciones de la vida se aprenden de nuestras perdidas

by John C. Maxwell

John Maxwell cree que las mayores lecciones que aprendemos en la vida son de nuestras pérdidas. Todo el mundo experimenta pérdida, pero no todos aprenden de la misma. En veces se gana - A veces se aprende, el Dr. Maxwell explora las lecciones más comunes que aprendemos cuando experimentamos la pérdida. A continuación, explica cómo convertir un revés en un paso adelante mediante el examen de los once rasgos que conforman el ADN de los que aprenden:1. Humildad - El Espíritu de Aprendizaje2. Realidad - La Fundación del Aprendizaje3. Responsabilidad - el primer paso del aprendizaje4. Mejora - El Enfoque de Aprendizaje5. Esperanza - La motivación del aprendizaje6. Enseñabilidad - El Camino del Aprendizaje7. Adversidad - The Catalyst de Aprendizaje8. Problemas - Las Oportunidades de Aprendizaje9. Malas experiencias - La perspectiva para el Aprendizaje10. Cambio - el precio del aprendizaje11. Madurez - el valor del aprendizajeEl aprendizaje no es fácil en los tiempos muertos, se necesita disciplina para hacer las cosas bien cuando todo anda mal. Este libro proporciona una guía para hacer precisamente eso. Como John Maxwell a menudo señala - no experiencia es la mejor maestra, la experiencia es evaluada.

An A-Z of Pasta: Stories, Shapes, Sauces, Recipes

by Rachel Roddy

This is the story of pasta. In it, Guardian columnist and award-winning food writer Rachel Roddy condenses everything she has learned about Italy's favourite food in a practical, easy-to-use and mouth-watering collection of 100 essential pasta and pasta sauce recipes. Along with the recipes are short essays that weave together the history, culture and the everyday life of pasta shapes from the tip to the toe of Italy. There is pasta made with water, and pasta with egg; shapes made by hand and those rolled a by machine; the long and the short; the rolled and the stretched; the twisted and the stuffed; the fresh and the dried. The A-Z of Pasta tells you how to match pasta shapes with sauces, and how to serve them. The recipes range from the familiar - pesto, ragù and carbonara - to the unfamiliar (but thrilling). This is the definitive guide to pasta from one of the best food writers of our time. ________________________ 'I love this book. Every story is a little gem - a beautiful hymn to each curl, twist and ribbon of pasta.' Nigel Slater 'Rachel Roddy describing how to boil potatoes would inspire me. There are very, very few who possess such a supremely uncluttered culinary voice as hers, just now' Simon Hopkinson'Rachel Roddy's writing is as absorbing as any novel' Russell Norman, author of Polpo'Roddy is a gifted storyteller, and a masterful hand with simple ingredients' Guardian Cook

The A-Z of Visual Ideas: How to Solve any Creative Brief

by John Ingledew

The A–Z of Visual Ideas explains the key ideas, sources of inspiration and visual techniques that have been used throughout design history. Showing where ideas and inspiration come from, the book provides numerous strategies to help unlock the reader’s creativity.Using a dynamic and easy-to-understand A–Z format, the book reveals techniques that can be exploited to deliver ideas with greater impact, each entry offering a different starting point. Looking at everything from, Art to Zeitgeist, Intuition and Instinct to Happy Accidents and Hidden Messages, the book also features a section explaining how to use the idea or technique, providing readers with an infallible ‘tool kit’ of inspiration. Including hundreds of inspirational quotes and packed with great examples of advertising campaigns, posters, book and magazine covers and illustrations, this is an indispensable primer that shows design students and professionals how to solve any creative brief.

AARP Love and Meaning after 50: The 10 Challenges to Great Relationships—and How to Overcome Them

by Barry J. Jacobs Julia L. Mayer

Sustain loving relationships and set yourself up for emotional wellness in your fifties, sixties, and beyond with this valuable collection of advice from two psychology experts."Drs. Mayer and Jacobs use their clinical wisdom and story-telling abilities to bring to life the challenges for couples as they age. Their advice will help strengthen long-term relationships to combat the rising trend of Gray Divorce."--Janis Abrahms Spring, PhD, author of After the Affair and Life with PopWith couples divorcing at higher rates than any generation before, and longer lifespans leaving people unwilling to settle for an unsatisfying partner, it's more important than ever to refocus and strengthen your relationship. The only question is: how?In AARP Love and Meaning after 50, husband-wife psychologist team Julia Mayer and Barry Jacobs -- with 50+ years of experience between them -- identify the 10 most common challenges to sustain loving relationships:The Empty Nest * Extended Family * Finances * InfidelityRetirement * Downsizing and Relocating * SexHealth Concerns * Caregiving * Loss of Loved OnesAARP Love and Meaning after 50 offers insights and anecdotes, do it yourself assessments and follow-up exercises, and tips for connecting through the difficult times. With this book, you'll find deeper meaning and greater satisfaction for the decades ahead--together.

The Abacus and the Cross: The Story of the Pope Who Brought the Light of Science to the Dark Ages

by Nancy Marie Brown

The medieval Catholic Church, widely considered a source of intolerance and inquisitorial fervor, was not anti-science during the Dark Ages-in fact, the pope in the year 1000 was the leading mathematician and astronomer of his day. Called "The Scientist Pope,” Gerbert of Aurillac rose from peasant beginnings to lead the church. By turns a teacher, traitor, kingmaker, and visionary, Gerbert is the first Christian known to teach math using the nine Arabic numerals and zero.In The Abacus and the Cross, Nancy Marie Brown skillfully explores the new learning Gerbert brought to Europe. A fascinating narrative of one remarkable math teacher, The Abacus and the Cross will captivate readers of history, science, and religion alike.

Abandoned (Finding Justice #2)

by Rhonda Pollero

There is nothing more dangerous than desire . . . Emma McKinley is a bright young lawyer with a very dark secret: She's the daughter of an assassin. Twenty years ago, her father shot and killed the president and Emma has been desperate to understand why ever since. She's changed her name, moved around . . . but the past keeps hunting her down. First came an irresistible job offer, luring her back where the assassination occurred. And now Emma is receiving mysterious newspaper clippings about the shooting as a terrible reminder-and a deadly threat . . . Sheriff Conner Kavanaugh has been burned before. But from the moment he meets Emma, there's something about her he can't resist. Something is haunting her-that much is clear. And as the threats against her mount, he'll do anything to protect her and win her trust. If the past doesn't catch up to them first.

Abducted Heiress (The Secret Clan #1)

by Amanda Scott

Molly Gordon, the Maid of Dunsithe, would be the wealthiest woman in Scotland...if anyone could find her fortune. But spirited away by her greedy uncle, she is kept captive on a misty island, separated from her treasure and the rest of her family, perhaps forever. She longs for a hero to rescue her. But when Sir Finlay Mackenzie, the fiery warrior, gains possession of Molly, her defiance and his temper lead them into a battle of wills. Armed with the right to marry her or barter her, he finds a proud princess who resists his passion and fights his every command. Now the real adventures begin as together Molly and Fin face danger, desire, and the fate that will drive them until they can open their hearts to magic-and to love.

Abenteuer Zellbiologie - Streifzüge durch die Geschichte

by Helmut Plattner

Helmut Plattner nimmt Sie mit auf eine Zeitreise, die die Entwicklung der Zellbiologie von der Erfindung des Mikroskops bis in unsere Zeit mit ihrem rasanten Fortschritt und dem Nobelpreis Physiologie/Medizin 2019 nachzeichnet. Neben seiner langjährigen Lehrerfahrung schöpft er v. a. daraus, dass er oft als (Zaun-)Gast oder sogar Akteur Teil dieser Entwicklung war. Modellorganismen von unterschiedlichem evolutionärem Niveau waren wichtige Hinweisgeber für Problemlösungen, besonders auch unter Einbeziehung neuer molekularbiologischer Methoden. Der Text ist verständlich geschrieben, zieht anschauliche Vergleiche und bietet Ihnen Anknüpfungspunkte durch bekannte Krankheiten (z. B. die Thematik Malaria und Sichelzellanämie) und prominente Namen. Zahlreiche anschauliche Abbildungen runden den Text ab.

Abgrenzungsmaßstäbe im Abkommensrecht: Veranlassungsprinzip und Fremdvergleich bei der Betriebsstättengewinnabgrenzung (PwC-Studien zum Unternehmens- und Internationalen Steuerrecht #10)

by Solvejg Glatz

Ausgehend von dem Veranlassungsprinzip als tätigungsbezogenem Grundprinzip der Abgrenzung und dessen Konkretisierung durch den Fremdvergleichsgrundsatz analysiert die Arbeit die bisherige BFH-Rechtsprechung und diskutiert ausgewählte Fragestellungen der abkommensrechtlichen Betriebsstättengewinnabgrenzung. Es wird herausgearbeitet, dass sowohl dem Art. 7 OECD-MA als auch den sog. Betriebsstättenvorbehalten ein einheitlicher veranlassungsbasierter Abgrenzungsmaßstab zugrunde liegt, der an das spezifisch abkommensrechtliche Verständnis der Unternehmenstätigkeit anknüpft. Nach kommentarähnlicher Darstellung und Diskussion der Änderungen durch den Authorized OECD Approach (AOA) wird gezeigt, dass auch der dem AOA zugrunde liegende Abgrenzungsmaßstab veranlassungsbasiert ist, wenngleich es aufgrund der abweichenden Anknüpfung an Personalfunktionen im Einzelfall zu unterschiedlichen Zuordnungsergebnissen kommen kann. Zugleich werden Vorschläge für einzelne gesetzgeberische Nachbesserungen der Umsetzungsvorschrift des § 1 Abs. 5 AStG gemacht.

Abigail The Breeze Fairy: The Weather Fairies Book 2 (Rainbow Magic)

by Daisy Meadows

Get ready for an exciting fairy adventure with the no. 1 bestselling series for girls aged 5 and up. Jack Frost has promised not to trouble the Rainbow Fairies again, but he didn't say anything about the Weather Fairies! Now he has stolen the feathers from Doodle, the weather-vane cockerel in charge of the weather. It's up to Rachel and Kirsty to get each of the feathers back! 'These stories are magic; they turn children into readers!' ReadingZone.comRead all seven fairy adventures in the Weather Fairies set! Crystal the Snow Fairy; Abigail the Breeze Fairy; Pearl the Cloud Fairy; Goldie the Sunshine Fairy; Evie the Mist Fairy; Storm the Lightning Fairy; Hayley the Rain FairyIf you like Rainbow Magic, check out Daisy Meadows' other series: Magic Animal Friends and Unicorn Magic!

The Abilities and Achievements of Orientals in North America

by Philip E. Vernon

The Abilities and Achievements of Orientals in North America is concerned with the study of the abilities, achievements, and personality characteristics of oriental immigrants and their descendants in North America. The book attempts to set a correlation between the cultural background from which the immigrants came and their history in North America, and to discover the implications for psychological theory. The text contains discussions on the problems of heredity, environment, and acculturation; racial and ethnic differences; and a comparison of biological, environmental and cultural differences between orientals and occidentals. Sociologists, psychologists, ethnologists, historians, and people who wish to study oriental character traits will find the book very insightful.

Abnormal Psychology (PDF)

by Ronald J. Comer Jonathan S. Comer

Gain perspective on where psychological disorders stand today as Abnormal Psychology speaks to your interests in this subject by connecting theory with diagnosis and treatment, giving you a full picture of this area of science.

Abortion and Sterilization: Medical and Social Aspects

by Jane E. Hodgson

Abortion and Sterilization: Medical and Social Aspects investigates the medical and social aspects of abortion and sterilization. Its aim is to legitimate abortion and sterilization for the sake of those who need and seek the service. The best techniques are presented in the proper medical perspective. The social and political history, epidemiology, and public health aspects of abortion and sterilization are also discussed. Comprised of 23 chapters, this book begins with a review of abortion legislation and practices in historical perspective amidst changing sociocultural contexts in diverse geographic areas. Liberalization trends are surveyed chronologically in terms of selected highlights demonstrating legislative progress and frustrations along with advances in abortion technology. A classified listing of abortion statutes and/or court decisions in 140 countries is given. Subsequent chapters deal with the epidemiology of induced abortion; abortions for teenagers; the link between abortion and mental health; and hysterotomy and hysterectomy as abortion techniques. Vasectomy as a family planning option is also examined.This monograph is intended for students, teachers, clinicians, research workers, administrative and nursing personnel, and those with interest in reproductive control.

About a Boy: About A Boy For Pack (Basic Ser.)

by Nick Hornby

THE MILLION COPY NO. 1 BESTSELLER 'A very entertaining and endearing read' The Times___________________'How cool was Will Freeman?'Too cool! At thirty-six, he's as hip as a teenager. He's single, child-free, goes to the right clubs and knows which trainers to wear. He's also found a great way to score with women: attend single parents' groups full of available (and grateful) mothers, all hoping to meet a Nice Guy.Which is how Will meets Marcus, the oldest twelve-year-old on the planet. Marcus is a bit strange: he listens to Joni Mitchell and Mozart, looks after his mum and has never owned a pair of trainers. But Marcus latches on to Will - and won't let go. Can Will teach Marcus how to grow up cool? And can Marcus help Will just to grow up?This astonishing novel, now a modern classic, was adapted for the acclaimed film About A Boy, starring Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult. 'A stunner of a novel. Utterly read-in-one-day, forget-where-you-are-on-the-tube-gripping' Marie Claire'About the awful, hilarious, embarrassing places where children and adults meet, and Hornby has captured it with delightful precision' Irish Times'It takes a writer with real talent to make this work, and Hornby has it - in buckets' Literary Review

About Time: A History of Civilization in Twelve Clocks

by David Rooney

'An utterly dazzling book, the best piece of history I have read for a long time' Jerry Brotton, author of A History of the World in Twelve Maps'Not merely an horologist's delight, but an ingenious meditation on the nature and symbolism of time-keeping itself' Richard HolmesSince the dawn of civilisation, we have kept time. But time has always been against us. From the city sundials of ancient Rome to the era of the smartwatch, clocks have been used throughout history to wield power, make money, govern citizens and keep control. Sometimes, also with clocks, we have fought back.In About Time, time expert David Rooney tells the story of timekeeping, and how it continues to shape our modern world. In twelve chapters, demarcated like the hours of time, we meet the greatest inventions in horological history, from medieval water clocks to monumental sundials, and from coastal time signals to satellites in earth's orbit. We discover how clocks have helped us navigate the world, build empires and even taken us to the brink of destruction.Over the course of this global journey Rooney demonstrates how each of these clocks has shone a spotlight onto human civilisation, and shows us the very real effects clocks continue to have on everything from capitalism, to politics, to our very identity.This is the story of time. And the story of time is the story of us.

About Us

by Sinéad Moriarty

Three couples. One therapist's couch ...Alice and Niall used to be lovers, best friends and parents, in that order. Now they're no longer on the same page or even reading from the same book.Ann thought when she and Ken retired, it would be their second spring. Instead, it feels more like an icy winter.Orla is falling in love with boyfriend Paul, but her complicated past makes her unsure if she can ever be intimate with anyone.Three couples find themselves telling a stranger about the most private part of their lives - their hopes, their disappointments, their awkward realisations.Can they learn to be honest with each other? And what life-changing decisions will be made when they do?

Above the Law (G - Reference,information And Interdisciplinary Subjects Ser.)

by Adrian Bleese

Adventures in a helicopterAdrian Bleese spent twelve years flying on police helicopters, and attended almost 3,000 incidents, as one of only a handful of civilian air observers working anywhere in the world.In Above The Law he recounts the most intriguing, challenging, amusing and downright baffling episodes in his careerworking for Suffolk Constabulary and the National Police Air Service. Rescuing lost walkers, chasing cars down narrow country lanes, searching for a rural cannabis factory and disrupting an illegal forest rave…they’re all in a day’s work.It’s a side of policing that most of us never see, and he describes it with real compassion as he lives his dream job, indulging his love of flying, the English landscape and helping people. Perhaps more than anything, it’s a story about hope.

Abraham: The First Historical Biography

by David Rosenberg

The world's three largest faiths all find a common root in one man: Abraham. Breaking new ground, David Rosenberg portrays Abraham as a man whose whole life, and therefore his legacy, is informed by the Sumerian culture that produced him. Abraham is a brilliant literary excavation of the ancient cultures from which our modern world has grown.

Abraham Lincoln: His Speeches And Writings

by Carl Sandburg Roy Basler

This volume presents nearly 250 of Lincoln's most important speeches, state papers, and letters in their entirety. Here are not only the masterpieces-the Gettysburg Address, the Inaugural Addresses, the 1858 Republican Convention Speech, the Emancipation Proclamation-but hundreds of lesser-known gems. Alfred Kazin has written that Lincoln was "not just the greatest writer among our Presidents . . . but the most telling and unforgettable of all American 'public' writer-speakers," and it's never been cleaner than in this comprehensive edition.

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