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The Unfinished Game: Pascal, Fermat, and the Seventeenth-Century Letter that Made the World Modern (Basic Ideas Ser.) 4178236 Keith Devlin 9780786726325 2008 Contains images
The Unicorn Legacy: Tangled Magic 5903776 Kamilla Benko 9781547608836 2024 Contains images
The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think and How Schools Should Teach 4035596 Howard Gardner 9780465024391 2011 Contains images
Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future 4178266 Chris Mooney Sheril Kirshenbaum 9780786744558 2009
Until Midnight: An Alienated short (Alienated) 4249936 Melissa Landers 9781484728345 2014 Contains images
Up the Trail: How Texas Cowboys Herded Longhorns and Became an American Icon (How Things Worked) 2574693 Tim Lehman 9781421425917 2018 Contains images
The Upper Country: French Enterprise in the Colonial Great Lakes (Regional Perspectives on Early America) 3829700 Claiborne A. Skinner 9780801899294 2008 Contains images
Uprising: How Scott Walker Betrayed Wisconsin and Inspired a New Politics of Protest 4175807 John Nichols 9781568587066 2012
Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers--and Why GI's Are Only the First Victim 4146335 Gary Matsumoto 9780786728060 2004 Contains images
The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning 3285671 James Lovelock 9780786746347 2009 Contains images
The Vertigo Years: Europe, 1900-1914 3288044 Philipp Blom 9780786726707 2008 Contains images
War of Kings and Monsters 4642643 Christopher Keene 9781950020492 2020 Contains images
The Warfare between Science and Religion: The Idea That Wouldn't Die 2574772 Jeff Hardin Ronald L. Numbers Ronald A. Binzley 9781421426198 2018 Contains images
The Warfare between Science and Religion: The Idea That Wouldn't Die 2574773 Jeff Hardin Ronald L. Numbers Ronald A. Binzley 9781421426198 2018
Washi Tape Crafts: 110 Ways to Decorate Just About Anything 4648865 Amy Anderson 9780761187127 2015 Contains images
Waterpower in Lowell: Engineering and Industry in Nineteenth-Century America (Johns Hopkins Introductory Studies in the History of Technology) 3667041 Patrick M. Malone 9780801897351 2009 Contains images
Watson And DNA: Making A Scientific Revolution (A Merloyd Lawrence Book) 3287039 Victor K. McElheny 9780786730148 2003 Contains images
Wavelets: A Concise Guide 3658244 Amir-Homayoon Najmi 9781421405599 2012
Wavelets: A Concise Guide 3829584 Amir-Homayoon Najmi 9781421405599 2012 Contains images
The Way Back Home (Wildflower #3) 4009271 Alecia Whitaker 9780316251457 2016 Contains images
We Contain Multitudes 4034574 Sarah Henstra 9780316524643 2019 Contains images
We Made It All Up 5804424 Margot Harrison 9780316275668 2022 Contains images
We Mostly Come Out at Night: 15 Queer Tales of Monsters, Angels & Other Creatures 6025252 Rob Costello 9780762483211 2024 Contains images
We Rule the Night 4136345 Claire Eliza Bartlett 9780316417266 2019 Contains images
The Webster-Hayne Debate: Defining Nationhood in the Early American Republic (Witness to History) 2574760 Christopher Childers 9781421426150 2018 Contains images

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