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A Discourse on Inequality: A Discourse On The Origin Of Inequality, And A Discourse On Political Economy 4458345 Jean-Jacques Rousseau Maurice Cranston 9780141920009 1754
Aesop’s Fables: Classic Children's Stories By Aesop (Collins Classics) 3055753 Aesop 9780007480883 1776 Contains images
Pride and Prejudice: Lit For Little Hands (Pulp! The Classics Ser.) 3300064 Austen Jane Jane Austen 9781843440727 1796
Pride and Prejudice: Pride And Prejudice Is A Classic 1813 Romantic Novel Of Manners Written By Jane Austen 3323106 Jane Austen 9780571337026 1813 Contains images
The Woman in White: A Novel (part Two) And Short Stories: The Dead Alive; The Fatal Cradle; Fatal Fortune; Blow Up With The Brig (Collins Classics #Vol. 1) 3055746 Wilkie Collins 9780007480784 1824 Contains images
Captains Courageous: A Story Of The Great Banks 3532478 Rudyard Kipling 9780141933399 1865
An Old-Fashioned Girl: Large Print 4136274 Louisa May Alcott 9780316069786 1870
Collected Short Stories Volume 2: Volume 2 (Maugham Short Stories #2) 2315597 W. Somerset Maugham 9781409076360 1874 Contains images
The Republic: The Statesman Of Plato ... - Primary Source Edition (Classic Bks.) 4225498 Plato Melissa Lane Desmond Lee 9780141917696 1908 Contains images
The Lost World: Being An Account Of The Recent Amazing Adventures Of Professor George E. Challenger, Lord John Roxton, Professor Summerlee, And Mr. E. D. Malone Of The Daily Gazette (classic Reprint) (Xist Classics Ser.) 3753853 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 9781473216266 1912
Tarzan the Terrible: Large Print (TARZAN #8) 3766915 Edgar Rice Burroughs 9780575128101 1921
Anne of Ingleside (Anne Of Green Gables Ser. #No. 10) 2142867 L. Montgomery 9780141945637 1939 Contains images
Native Son (Perennial Classics Ser.) 6079202 Richard Wright 9781446466889 1940 Contains images
The Third Man: Enhanced Edition with Film Clips, Script and Archive Material from the Motion Picture (Classic, 20th-century, Penguin Ser.) 2181809 Graham Greene 9781473523913 1950 Contains images
Excellent Women (Virago Modern Classics #507) 3987224 Barbara Pym 9781405514798 1952
Seven Years in Tibet: My Life Before, During And After (Paladin Bks.) 3045429 Heinrich Harrer 9780007323388 1953 Contains images
Look Back in Anger: Collected Plays: Epitaph For George Dillon, The World Of Paul Slickley And Dejavu (Faber Drama Ser. #Vol. 9) 3323411 John Osborne 9780571300877 1957
Starship Troopers (S. F. Masterworks Ser.) 2792712 Robert A. Heinlein 9781848948785 1959
The Agony And The Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel Of Michelangelo 5545871 Irving Stone 9781473505704 1961 Contains images
Stranger in a Strange Land 3469842 Robert A. Heinlein 9781444710236 1961 Contains images
The Tender Bar: A Memoir 4147978 J. R. Moehringer 9781401383411 1961 Contains images
The Epic of New York City: A Narrative History 3282513 Edward Robb Ellis 9780465030538 1966 Contains images
The Epic of New York City: A Narrative History 4035470 Edward Robb Ellis 9780465030538 1966 Contains images
Piers the Ploughman: With Notes And A Glossary By Thomas Wright 2144728 William Langland J. Goodridge 9780141960920 1966
Rameau's Nephew / D'alembert's Dream 3644750 Denis Diderot Leonard Tancock 9780141907833 1966

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