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by Andrew Norriss

MEET FLOYD.He’s a tennis star. Possibly even good enough to win Wimbledon one day.MEET MIKE.He’s . . . different. Apart from anything else, Floyd seems to be the only one who can see him.But Mike must have appeared for a reason and finding out why is perhaps the most important thing Floyd will ever do . . .

Armadillo and Hare (Small Tales from the Big Forest #1)

by Jeremy Strong

ARMADILLO AND HARE live with their friends in the Big Forest. Hare loves dancing. Armadillo loves cheese sandwiches. Hare loves playing the tuba. Armadillo loves cheese sandwiches. Hare loves his best friend, Armadillo. Armadillo loves Hare - AND cheese sandwiches!

Bone Talk

by Candy Gourlay

Samkad lives in a tribe deep in the Philippine jungle at the end of the nineteenth century, and has never encountered anyone from outside his own tribe before. He’s about to become a man, and while he’s desperate to grow up, he’s worried that this will take him away from his best friend, Little Luki. However, Samkad’s world is about to change utterly. A strange man with white skin arrives in his village, and Samkad discovers the brother he never knew he had. A brother who tells him of people called ‘Americans’. Americans who are bringing war, and burning, to Samuel’s home.

Dragon Daughter

by Liz Flanagan

Servant girl Milla witnesses a murder and discovers four strange eggs. Dragon eggs! Her world is turned completely upside down as she finds herself living a secret life in the palace caring for a dragon alongside her former masters. But with unrest and rioting in the town, Milla starts to wonder if keeping the dragons a secret is really the right idea and what role her unknown past might play in it all. Perhaps the dragons are the one thing that can bring all the warring factions together once and for all . . .

The Night's Realm

by Nick Ward

Billy has a secret.A secret he doesn't want anyone to know.He is absolutely terrified of the dark.And things are about to get scary.Because Billy finds himself trapped in a land where it is always dark. And he is the only one who can remember home. Can Billy step up, face his fears and save all the other children?IT'S TIME TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!Written and illustrated by Nick Ward.

King Coo - The Curse of the Mummy's Gold

by Adam Stower

Ben Pole is back at school and back in trouble! A band of burglars and an ancient mystical curse have him in a terrifying tangle. Who will save the day? Will they catch the Midnight Mob? Will Ben survive breakfast? He needs a genius. He needs a fearless bearded girl. He needs KING COO!

The Thing From Space (King Coo)

by Adam Stower

Something REALLY WEIRD is happening at Ben's school. There's slime on the ceiling, a mysterious cheesy smell and the headmaster isn't wearing any shoes! Ben and his best friend, King Coo, are on a mission to uncover the truth! But things aren't what they seem... and what exactly is the THING from space?

The Magic Place

by Chris Wormell

'And even though she only saw it in her dreams, she felt sure it was real.'From her cellar bedroom, Clementine dreams of a magic place. And she's determined to find it one day. But first she must escape from her wicked aunt and uncle and from the Great Black City. With the help of her best friend, Gilbert, a very clever cat, she sets off on an epic journey that just might make her dreams come true.A thrilling, moving and funny adventure about looking for most magical place of all. HOME.Written and illustrated by Chris Wormell.

Earth Swarm

by Tim Hall

Hal Strider’s father worked for a technology company that’s developing drones for the military. But when Hal’s father vanishes in mysterious circumstances, the drones’ programming breaks down, and they start to target ordinary people of London. Hal and his sister, Jess, have to escape London, find their dad, and stop the drones.

EMMELINE Pankhurst (First Names)

by Haydn Kaye

Launching the First Names series we have: EMMELINE about the powerful and determined Emmeline Pankhurst, who led the suffragette movement which gave British women the vote one hundred years ago!

ELON Musk (First Names)

by Tracey Turner

Launching the First Names series we have: ELON, about the amazing inventor Elon Musk, who has revolutionized electric cars, and will soon be taking men to Mars.

Flember: The Secret Book (Flember)

by Jamie Smart

A MYSTERIOUS island!A strange and mystical power called FLEMBER!A boy-inventor called DEV, who uncovers a long-forgotten secret…And a GIANT RED ROBOT BEAR!!The sleepy village of EDEN is about to descend into HILARIOUS CHAOS. Can disastrous Dev save his brand-new best friend?Written and illustrated by Jamie Smart.

Armadillo and Hare and the Very Noisy Bear (Small Tales from the Big Forest #2)

by Jeremy Strong

Armadillo and Hare are the best of friends. They live together in a little house in the Big Forest.It's normally very quiet in the Big Forest.Armadillo likes it when it's quiet. Hare likes music and excitement.Today there's a lot of bashing and crashing going on! Someone is playing the drums. Very loudly.It's a very noisy bear! What will our friends make of the new arrival?Return to the Big Forest for even more fun, friendship - and cheese!

AMELIA (First Names)

by Andrew Prentice

Before every great person made their wonderful achievements, they were just like you and me. First Names is a series of fun, lively and highly illustrated biographies that introduces some truly amazing individuals who lived incredible lives, to an audience of young readers. AMELIA Earhart, one of the greatest aviation pioneers, is known as a strong and inspiring female role model. But what about the young girl Millie who rode her sledge between the legs of a horse? Or the sack of potatoes start to Amelia’s flying fame? Find out all this and more in this fun and informative book about the incredible Amelia Earhart. From the editorial team behind the mega-bestselling Horrible Histories series.

HARRY (First Names)

by Kjartan Poskitt

Before every great person made their wonderful achievements, they were just like you and me. First Names is a series of fun, lively and highly illustrated biographies that introduces some truly amazing individuals who lived incredible lives, to an audience of young readers. HARRY Houdini was famous for his great escapes and showmanship but did you know he was actually called Ehrich? Or how close he was to his mum? Find out about the boy Harry and how he became the man Houdini in this fun and entertaining look at the story of his life. From the editorial team behind the mega-bestselling Horrible Histories series.

ADA Lovelace (First Names)

by Ben Jeapes

True life stories of the most amazing people EVER!Meet ADA LOVELACE, fast-thinking mathematician, who predicted the power of computers long before they were even invented.Find out:Why her mum kept her away from her mega-famous celebrity dad.Why she was mesmerised by mesmerism.And what she planned to do with a MASSIVE machine that weighed four tons and had 20,000 moving parts.Get to know ADA on first name terms.

ALBERT (First Names #11)

by Haydn Kaye

The most famous scientific genius in history, and the man who reshaped how humans think about the universe!But who exactly was the mastermind? Find out why Albert was nicknamed the Dopey One; why the Nobel team didn’t want him to win their Physics prize… and why his brain was pickled.Meet the man who changed the way the whole world thought about science, and get to know Albert on First Name terms.

Ferdinand (First Names)

by Candy Gourlay

True life stories of the most amazing people EVER! Meet Ferdinand Magellan, the 16th-century explorer who masterminded the first ever voyage to sail round the world and 'discovered' many new lands (even though loads of people aready lived there!).Find out: why he was hated by royals and sailors alike; why he made one of his sailors dance with a giant and how his life was saved by a pot of jam.Get to know Ferdinand on first name terms.

MALALA Yousafzai (First Names)

by Lisa Williamson

As the First Names title suggests, we will be getting to know these people on first-name terms – discover who Malala actually is, not just what she has achieved.These funny and entertaining books give young readers an opportunity to see these remarkable people as ordinary individuals who grew up to do extraordinary things, and inspire them to believe they can do the same.MALALA – the youngest ever winner of the Nobel peace prize, who overcame an attempt on her life to become a global champion of the education of girls, and an inspiration to everyone from Barack Obama to Reese Witherspoon!

ABRAHAM Lincoln (First Names)

by Jonathan Weil

True life stories of the most amazing people EVER! Meet ABRAHAM LINCOLN, the power-speaking President of the USA. He helped free millions of people from slavery, and his rags to riches tale is legendary. Find out: how he came up with one of the best speeches ever given; how he got the nickname 'Spotty Lincoln' and how wrestling and crowd-surfing helped him win votes.Get to know ABRAHAM on First Name terms.

Small Change for Stuart

by Lissa Evans

Stuart Horten, ten years old and small for his age, is about to have the strangest ADVENTURE of his life. After moving to the boring town of Beeton, he finds himself swept up in an INCREDIBLE QUEST to find his great-uncle's lost legacy: a magician's workshop stuffed with trickery and MAGIC. There are clues to follow, unbearable neighbours to avoid and PUZZLES to solve, but what starts as FUN ends up as DANGER, and Stuart begins to realise that he can't finish the task on his own...

Big Change for Stuart

by Lissa Evans

Magic, mystery and a very dangerous quest…Stuart Horten (aged ten, but looks younger) is now the owner of a magician's workshop - a treasure trove of illusions and the gateway to seven magical adventures. Except that without his great-uncle's will and testament, Stuart can't actually prove the workshop is his.Can he solve the puzzles and find the will before it's too late? Or will the looming danger and increasing risks ruin his friendships for good? The fantastically funny and fast-moving sequel to Small Change for Stuart.

The Pencil Case (Emily Lime: Librarian Detective)

by Dave Shelton

It's a new term at St Rita's School for Spirited Girls, and there are new mysteries for Emily, Daphne and George to solve!Who has stolen a painting from Pilkington Art Gallery? (And why? It's not even a very good one!)How can they get rid of a new headmistress who theatens the very future of the library?And why are there cows all over the sports field?Expect the unexpected as Emily Lime investigates!

Rise of the Shadow Dragons (Legends of the Sky #2)

by Liz Flanagan

Jowan wants only one thing: to have a dragon of his own. Then disaster strikes, and his world suddenly turns into a darker and more dangerous place.But a new friend and an astonishing discovery could lead him to what he has always wanted . . . if he is just willing to take a leap of faith and brave the impossible.He needs to act fast though - a volcano is waking up!

The Crystal Caves (Flember)

by Jamie Smart

Boy-inventor DEV and his best friend, BOJA, have found a SECRET MAP! So now they're on a mission to find more of the magical energy known as FLEMBER! But first they have to travel through the scary WILDENING… survive in a LIFELESS town… and harness the power of Boja's FIERY FARTS!!

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