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The Battle for Authority in European Defence Cooperation (Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics) 5656982 Felix Biermann 9783031300547 2023 Contains images
The U.S. Labor Movement in the 20th and Early 21st Century: A Critical Analysis (Social Movements and Transformation) 5419236 Adam Barrington 9783031300776 2023
Failed Peacemaking: Counter-Peace and International Order (Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies) 5598841 Oliver P. Richmond Gëzim Visoka Sandra Pogodda 9783031300813 2023
Making Politics in Zimbabwe’s Second Republic: The Formative Project by Emmerson Mnangagwa (Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development) 5345328 Gorden Moyo Kirk Helliker 9783031301292 2023 Contains images
Causes and Consequences of Electoral Manipulation in Hybrid Regimes in Latin America 5392549 Jaroslav Bílek 9783031301490 2023 Contains images
Cyberdefense: The Next Generation (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science #342) 5723914 Marcus Keupp 9783031301919 2023 Contains images
Managing Complexity in Social Systems: Leverage Points for Policy and Strategy (Management for Professionals) 5316120 Christoph E. Mandl 9783031302220 2023 Contains images
Challenging Global Development: Towards Decoloniality and Justice (EADI Global Development Series) 5729289 Henning Melber Laura Camfield Uma Kothari Kees Biekart 9783031303081 2024 Contains images
Effective Governance and the Political Economy of Coordination 5530104 Dan Greenwood 9783031303838 2023
Projectification of Organizations, Governance and Societies: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Implications 5369849 Mats Fred Sebastian Godenhjelm 9783031304118 2023
Indigenous STEM Education: Perspectives from the Pacific Islands, the Americas and Asia, Volume 1 (Sociocultural Explorations of Science Education #29) 5515669 Sharon Nelson-Barber Pauline W. U. Chinn 9783031304514 2023 Contains images
The Political Economy of Green Bonds in Emerging Markets: South Africa's Faltering Transition (International Political Economy Ser.) 5295980 Manuel Neumann 9783031305023 2023 Contains images
Indigenous STEM Education: Perspectives from the Pacific Islands, the Americas and Asia, Volume 2 (Sociocultural Explorations of Science Education #30) 5481278 Sharon Nelson-Barber Pauline W. U. Chinn 9783031305061 2023 Contains images
Post-Independence Development in Africa: Decolonisation and Transformation Prospects (Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development) 5454965 David Mhlanga Emmanuel Ndhlovu 9783031305412 2023 Contains images
Non-affirmative Theory of Education and Bildung (Educational Governance Research #20) 5424311 Michael Uljens 9783031305511 2023 Contains images
Executive Secrecy and Democratic Politics: Arguments and Practices in the German Bundestag (New Perspectives in German Political Studies) 5371196 Dorothee Riese 9783031306051 2023 Contains images
The Origin of Language and Consciousness: How Social Orders and Communicative Concerns Gave Rise to Speech and Cognitive Abilities (World-Systems Evolution and Global Futures) 5426919 Nikolai S. Rozov 9783031306303 2023 Contains images
Fundamental British Values, Michel Foucault, and Religious Education Teacher Subjectivity: A Critical Investigation 5696722 Francis Farrell 9783031306877 2023
The Energy Sector and Energy Geopolitics in the MENA Region at a Crossroad: Towards a Great Transformation? (Perspectives on Development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region) 5481424 Manfred Hafner Pier Paolo Raimondi Benedetta Bonometti 9783031307058 2023 Contains images
The Social Democratic Parties in the Visegrád Countries: Predicaments and Prospects for Progressivism 5426967 Ania Skrzypek András Bíró-Nagy 9783031307928 2023 Contains images
The Politics of U.S. Foreign Policy and NATO: Continuity and Change From The Cold War to the Rise of China 5331319 Chris J. Dolan 9783031307966 2023
Irregular Migration: IMISCOE Short Reader (IMISCOE Research Series) 5294093 Maurizio Ambrosini Minke H.J. Hajer 9783031308383 2023 Contains images
Children's Human Rights in the USA: Challenges and Opportunities (Clinical Sociology: Research and Practice) 5417486 Yvonne Vissing 9783031308482 2023 Contains images
Human Resources Information Systems: A Guide for Public Administrators (Professional Practice in Governance and Public Organizations) 5415971 Nicolas A. Valcik Meghna Sabharwal Teodoro J. Benavides 9783031308628 2023 Contains images
Complexity and Sustainability in Megaprojects: MeRIT Workshop 2022 (Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering #342) 5371240 Edoardo Favari Franca Cantoni 9783031308796 2023 Contains images

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Showing 99,976 through 100,000 of 100,000 results