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Judicial Independence: Memoirs of a European Judge (Springer Biographies) 2399344 Carl Baudenbacher 9783030023089 2019 Contains images
Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change 2672025 Melissa R. Marselle Jutta Stadler Horst Korn Katherine N. Irvine Aletta Bonn 9783030023188 2019 Contains images
Maths for Social Sciences (UNITEXT #113) 2350850 Lorenzo Peccati Margherita Cigola Mauro D'Amico 9783030023362 2018 Contains images
The Religious Metaphysics of Vladimir Solovyov 4655611 Alexandre Kojève 9783030023393 2018
Decolonizing Theology in Revolution: A Critical Retrieval of Sergio Arce´s Theological Thought (New Approaches to Religion and Power) 4828132 Ary Fernández-Albán 9783030023423 2018
Social-Ecological-Technological Effects of Hurricane María on Puerto Rico: Planning for Resilience under Extreme Events (SpringerBriefs in Energy) 2389583 Ariel E. Lugo 9783030023874 2019 Contains images
Populism, Nativism, and Economic Uncertainty: Playing the Blame Game in the 2017 British, French, and German Elections (Europe in Crisis) 4613030 Delton T. Daigle Joséphine Neulen Austin Hofeman 9783030024352 2019 Contains images
Pragmatic Humanism Revisited: An Essay on Making the World a Home (Studies in Humanism and Atheism) 4304137 Ana Honnacker 9783030024413 2018
The Death and Life of the American Middle Class: A Policy Agenda for American Jobs Creation 4682262 Abraham Unger 9783030024444 2019
The Universal Ethiopian Students' Association, 1927–1948: Mobilizing Diaspora 4813598 TaKeia N. Anthony 9783030024901 2019 Contains images
Understanding Water Security at Local Government Level in South Africa 4725860 Richard Meissner Nikki Funke Karen Nortje Maronel Steyn 9783030025175 2019 Contains images
The Conditions for School Success: Examining Educational Exclusion and Dropping Out 4761691 Aina Tarabini 9783030025236 2019
Gender, Migration and the Intergenerational Transfer of Human Wellbeing 4774825 Katie Wright 9783030025267 2018
Hans Blumenberg: Myth and Significance in Modern Politics (Global Political Thinkers) 4796215 Xander Kirke 9783030025328 2019
Class After Industry: A Complex Realist Approach 4728919 David Byrne 9783030026448 2019
Protecting Victims of Human Trafficking From Liability: The European Approach (Palgrave Studies in Victims and Victimology) 4687875 Julia Maria Muraszkiewicz 9783030026592 2019
Climate Change and Global Development: Market, Global Players and Empirical Evidence (Contributions to Economics) 5120417 Tiago Sequeira Liliana Reis 9783030026622 2019 Contains images
Artists, Writers and The Arab Spring (Middle East Today) 4663364 Riad Ismat 9783030026684 2019
Public Service Broadcasting and Media Systems in Troubled European Democracies 5111096 Charlie Beckett Eva Połońska 9783030027100 2019 Contains images
Contesting the Theological Foundations of Islamism and Violent Extremism (Middle East Today) 4660971 Fethi Mansouri Zuleyha Keskin 9783030027193 2019
Population Registers and Privacy in Britain, 1936—1984 4795558 Kevin Manton 9783030027537 2019
100 Years of NCVO and Voluntary Action: Idealists and Realists 2672037 Justin Davis Smith 9783030027742 2019 Contains images
Global Responses to Conflict and Crisis in Syria and Yemen 4828110 Amanda Guidero Maia Carter Hallward 9783030027896 2019 Contains images
Social Evolution, Political Psychology, and the Media in Democracy: The Invisible Hand in the U.S. Marketplace of Ideas 4684269 Peter Beattie 9783030028015 2019
Civil Protection Cooperation in the European Union: How Trust and Administrative Culture Matter for Crisis Management (European Administrative Governance) 4662744 Sten Widmalm Charles F. Parker Thomas Persson 9783030028589 2019 Contains images

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Showing 99,976 through 100,000 of 100,000 results