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Challenging Authorities: Ethnographies of Legitimacy and Power in Eastern and Southern Africa 4289626 Sabine Klocke-Daffa Arne S. Steinforth 9783030769246 2021 Contains images
The Political Economy of Middle Class Politics and the Global Crisis in Eastern Europe: The case of Hungary and Romania (International Political Economy Series) 4239029 Agnes Gagyi 9783030769437 2021
The Palgrave Handbook of Political Research Pedagogy (Political Pedagogies) 5110963 Daniel J. Mallinson Julia Marin Hellwege Eric D. Loepp 9783030769550 2021 Contains images
Identities in Action: Developments in Identity Theory (Frontiers in Sociology and Social Research #6) 4218928 Jan E. Stets Richard T. Serpe Philip S. Brenner 9783030769666 2021 Contains images
Trade Wins or Trade Wars: The Perceptions and Knowledge in the Free Trade Debate 4206392 Piotr Lis Bogna Gawrońska-Nowak Joanna Konieczna-Sałamatin 9783030769970 2021 Contains images
Сooperation and Sustainable Development (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems #245) 4841797 Aleksei V. Bogoviz Alexander E. Suglobov Alexander N. Maloletko Olga V. Kaurova 9783030770006 2022 Contains images
The International Society Tradition: From Hugo Grotius to Hedley Bull (Palgrave Studies in International Relations) 4218933 Cornelia Navari 9783030770181 2021
Reflections on a United Nations' Career: An Insider's Account (Springer Biographies) 4244739 Ian Howie 9783030770631 2021 Contains images
Europe Beyond the Euro: Building Protection for Europe’s Economies in the Time of Risks (St Antony's Series) 4405456 Charles Enoch 9783030771157 2021 Contains images
Globalisation, Education, and Reform in Brunei Darussalam (International and Development Education) 4251154 Le Ha Phan Keith Wood Asiyah Kumpoh Rosmawijah Jawawi Hardimah Said 9783030771195 2021 Contains images
Digital Approaches to Promoting Integration in Higher Education: Opening Universities for Refugees (SpringerBriefs in Education) 4229043 Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia Sarah Nell-Müller Roland Happ 9783030771515 2021 Contains images
Mass Intellectuality of the Neoliberal State: Mass Higher Education, Public Professionalism, and State Effects in Chile (Palgrave Studies on Global Policy and Critical Futures in Education) 4216433 Nicolas Fleet 9783030771935 2021 Contains images
Perspectives on International Political Theory in Europe (Trends in European IR Theory) 4263214 Vassilios Paipais 9783030772741 2021
The Legitimacy of Use of Force in Public and Islamic International Law 4093711 Mohammad Z. Sabuj 9783030772987 2021 Contains images
Political Marketing and Management in the 2020 New Zealand General Election (Palgrave Studies in Political Marketing and Management) 4334339 Edward Elder Jennifer Lees-Marshment 9783030773335 2021 Contains images
Africa and the Formation of the New System of International Relations: Rethinking Decolonization and Foreign Policy Concepts (Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development) 5115717 Timothy M. Shaw Alexey M. Vasiliev Denis A. Degterev 9783030773366 2021 Contains images
A Climate of Justice: An Ethical Foundation for Environmentalism (Library of Public Policy and Public Administration #16) 5113317 Marvin T. Brown 9783030773632 2022 Contains images
Couples’ Transitions to Parenthood: Gender, Intimacy and Equality 4206393 Charlotte Faircloth 9783030774035 2021 Contains images
Conflicts in Curriculum Theory: Challenging Hegemonic Epistemologies (Education, Politics and Public Life) 4293690 João M. Paraskeva 9783030774202 2021
International Residential Mobilities: From Lifestyle Migrations to Tourism Gentrification (Geographies of Tourism and Global Change) 4304363 Josefina Domínguez-Mujica Jennifer McGarrigle Juan Manuel Parreño-Castellano 9783030774660 2021 Contains images
The Palgrave Handbook of Africa and the Changing Global Order 5117695 Toyin Falola Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba 9783030774813 2022 Contains images
Between Peace and Conflict in the East and the West: Studies on Transformation and Development in the OSCE Region 4234653 Anja Mihr 9783030774899 2021 Contains images
Nature-Based Solutions for Flood Mitigation: Environmental and Socio-Economic Aspects (The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry #107) 4632798 Thomas Hartmann Paulo Pereira Carla S. S. Ferreira Zahra Kalantari 9783030775056 2022 Contains images
The Montenegrin Adriatic Coast: Marine Biology (The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry #109) 4096119 Andrey G. Kostianoy Igor S. Zonn Aleksandar Joksimović Aleksander V. Semenov Mirko Đurović 9783030775131 2021 Contains images
On the Measurement of Social Phenomena: A Methodological Approach (SpringerBriefs in Political Science) 4243343 Marco Delmastro 9783030775360 2021 Contains images

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Showing 89,476 through 89,500 of 100,000 results