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31 Dream Street: The compelling Sunday Times bestseller from the author of The Family Upstairs

by Lisa Jewell

From the Number One bestselling author of Then She Was Gone, comes a romance about neighbours brought together by fate . . .For years curious and warm-hearted Leah has watched the tumbledown house across the street and its collection of slightly odd-looking inhabitants. Then one day - out of the blue - she gets a chance to peek behind the front door, when its owner comes to her with a problem.Toby's house has become home to all the waifs and strays he's helped out over the years. He'd like to sell up, move on and get a life, but he wouldn't think of turfing his tenants out. And they wouldn't think of letting him.So when Leah agrees to help out, things suddenly start to happen. But are all changes for the best? And can Toby and Leah sprinkle enough magic dust around to make their own dreams come true?'Another gem from the modern-classic queen' Company'A big warm-hearted book' Marie Claire

The 34-Ton Bat: The Story of Baseball as Told Through Bobbleheads, Cracker Jacks, Jockstraps, Eye Black, and 375 Other Strange and Unforgettable Objects

by Steve Rushin

An unorthodox history of baseball told through the enthralling stories of the game's objects, equipment, and characters. No sport embraces its wild history quite like baseball, especially in memorabilia and objects. Sure, there are baseball cards and team pennants. But there are also huge balls, giant bats, peanuts, cracker jacks, eyeblack, and more, each with a backstory you have to read to believe. In The 34-Ton Bat, Sports Illustrated writer Steve Rushin tells the real, unvarnished story of baseball through the lens of all the things that make it the game that it is. Rushin weaves these rich stories -- from ballpark pipe organs played by malevolent organists to backed up toilets at Ebbets Field -- together in their order of importance (from most to least) for an entertaining and compulsive read, glowing with a deep passion for America's Pastime. The perfect holiday gift for casual fans and serious collectors alike, The 34-Ton Bat is a true heavy hitter.

36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction (Vintage Contemporaries Ser.)

by Rebecca Newberger Newberger Goldstein

Psychologist Cass Seltzer's book, The Variety of Religious Illusion, has become a surprise runaway bestseller. Dubbed 'the atheist with a soul', Cass's sudden celebrity has upended his life and brought back the ghosts of his past. Over the course of one week, Cass's theories about our need to keep faith are borne out in ways he could never have imagined.36 Arguments for the Existence of God is a stunningly original novel, which explores the varieties of the human religious experience in a story of obsession, consuming love, and divine genius. By turns hilarious, moving and devilishly clever, Goldstein's novel is an exhilarating romance of heart and mind.

364 Days of Tedium: Or What Santa Gets Up To On His Days Off

by Dave Cornmell

Ever wondered what Santa gets up to the rest of the year? You’ll wish you hadn’t!

365: Stories

by James Robertson

365 is James Robertson's innovative collection of 365 stories, each 365 words long.In 2013, James Robertson wrote a story every day. Each was exactly 365 words long. A year later, on a daily basis, the stories were published on the Five Dials website. Now the 365 stories are gathered together in one volume. Some draw on elements of ancient myth and legend, others are outtakes from Scottish history and folklore; there are squibs and satires, songs and ballads in disguise, fairytales, stories inspired by dreams or in the form of interviews, and personal memories and observations. Underpinning all of them are vital questions: Who are we? What are we doing here? What happens next? 'Wow. James Robertson wrote a 365-word short story each day in 2013. They'll be posted throughout 2014' Ian Rankin, via Twitter 'A great storyteller' The Times 'One of Britain's best contemporary novelists' Irvine Welsh, Guardian James Robertson is the author of five novels, The Professor of Truth, And the Land Lay Still, The Testament of Gideon Mack, Joseph Knight and The Fanatic. The Testament of Gideon Mack was longlisted for the 2006 Man Booker Prize and selected for Richard and Judy's Book Club the following year. Joseph Knight was the Saltire Scottish Book of the Year in 2003 and And the Land Lay Still was recipient of the same prize in 2010.

365 Days of Dad Jokes: Awfully Good Gags... All Year Round

by Jim Chumley

Perfect for dads and lovers of cheesy puns and one-liners, this pocket-sized collection offers a year's worth of mirth suitable for all agesThere's something very special about dad jokes - they're always enjoyably terrible, sometimes quite witty and occasionally downright hilarious. So if you're a dad looking to add to your collection of funnies, or you'd like to beat your old man at his own game, this is the book for you.Packed into these pages are pithy wisecracks, comically cringeworthy puns, silly one-liners and enough other types of joke to last an entire year. Among the hundreds of groan-worthy gags you'll find gems like: How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles. Why are balloons so expensive? Inflation. What do you call an elephant who doesn't matter? Irrelephant. How does the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it. Did you hear about the circus fire? It was in tents. Unapologetically themselves, just like dads, these are jokes to inflict with glee on all the family.

365 Days of Happiness (365 Days Of... Ser.)

by Lizzie Cornwall

Host an air guitar tournament for your friends and family. Cartwheel down the street. Tell nothing but the truth all day. Prepare for a grand adventure, instigate a little mischief and embrace a sunnier outlook with this book of feel-good quotations and quirky ideas that will keep you smiling all year.

365 Reasons To Be Cheerful: Magical Moments To Cheer Up Miserable Sods... One Day At A Time (365 Reasons Ser.)

by Richard Happer

p>It’s a well-observed fact that human beings (well, men) can be a grumpy old bunch, always choosing to see that infamous metaphorical glass as constantly half empty rather than half full. Where’s the fun in that? 365 Reasons To Be Cheerful is, well, it’s exactly that. It’s a whole year’s worth of funny and unique events that happened on each and every day – a wild, weird and wonderful journey through the year highlighting the moments that changed the world for the better as well as the delightful, irreverant stories that will simply make you smile. 365 Reasons To Be Cheerful is designed specifically to look on the bright side of life every day of the year – the perfect pint-sized pick-me-up in these sobering, sombre times.

365 Reasons to be Proud to be a Dad

by Ian Allen

Being a dad is a 365-day job. Let this nifty little book help you along the way, with a hilarious dad-related fact for every day of the year.

365 Reasons to be Proud to be a Londoner: Magical Moments In London's History (365 Ser.)

by Richard Happer

London – one of the world's most exciting cities. Teeming with life, bursting with history, it houses over 8 million people, and has thousands of stories to tell.

365 Reasons To Be Proud To Be British: Magical Moments In Our Great History (365 Reasons Ser.)

by Richard Happer

365 Reasons To Be Proud To Be British is a year-long scenic route of jollyness taking in the quirky events, inventions, traditions, people, places and characters that make Great Britain a nation worth celebrating every day of the year. Because it is great.

365 Reasons to be Proud to be English: Magical Moments In England's History (365 Reasons Ser.)

by Richard Happer

However well our boys do in the 2014 World Cup, we can be sure that English pride will be riding higher than ever. So it's time to celebrate our Englishness! Take a year-long stroll around the joys of English inventiveness, eccentricity and fighting spirit with this fascinating collection of stories, anecdotes and fun.

365 Reasons to be Proud to be Scottish: Magical Moments In Scotland's History

by Richard Happer

365 Reasons To Be Proud To Be Scottish is a year-long scenic route of jollyness taking in the quirky events, inventions, traditions, people, places and characters that make Scotland a country worth celebrating every day of the year.

3650 Jokes, Puns, and Riddles

by Michael J. Pellowski Anne Kostick Charles Foxgrover

National Humor Month won't be the same with this huge, classic collection of side-splitting, groan-worthy, family-friendly jokes, puns, and riddles. Guaranteed LOLs at a time we can all use a laugh. Between these covers are a staggering 3650 entries - at a joke a day that's 10 full years of comedy! With chapters on everything from Modern Romance, the Working World and Aging to Pop Culture, Money, and much more, 3650 Jokes, Puns and Riddles contains the most ridiculous quip for every conceivable occasion. There are gibes, barbs, and insults, knock-knock jokes, and one-liners, doctor jokes and lawyer jokes, animal jokes and family jokes, and throughout a seemingly endless supply of bad puns. 3650 Jokes, Puns and Riddles will have you chuckling, chortling, giggling, grinning, and groaning in spite of yourself.

The 39-Storey Treehouse (The Treehouse Books #3)

by Andy Griffiths

Andy and Terry's amazing treehouse has thirteen new levels! They've added a chocolate waterfall you can swim in, a volcano for toasting marshmallows, a bulldozer-battling level, a baby-dinosaur-petting zoo, a not-very-merry merry-go-round, a boxing elephant called the Trunkinator, an X-ray room, a disco with light-up dance floor, the world's scariest roller coaster and a top-secret thirty-ninth level which hasn't even been finished yet! But how can they enjoy all this brilliant stuff when they have to write a book faster they've ever done before? You'll have to read it to find out!The 39-Storey Treehouse is the third book in Andy Griffith's and Terry Denton's wacky treehouse adventures, where the laugh-out-loud story is told through a combination of text and fantastic cartoon-style illustrations.

488 Rules for Life: The Thankless Art Of Being Correct

by Kitty Flanagan

488 Rules for Life is Kitty Flanagan's way of making the world a more pleasant place to live.

4u2read – The Broken Dragon (4u2read)

by Karen McCombie

A smashed china dragon helps Tyra bond with her new classmates as she discovers that sometimes when something is repaired it can become even more special than it was before.

4u2read – My Friend's A Gris-Kwok (4u2read)

by Malorie Blackman

Mike had no idea that his best friend and his sister were shapeshifting Gris-kwok! Malorie Blackman’s hilarious tale of shape-shifting and babysitting antics – now in a standard paperback format for middle-grade readers.

4u2read – Next to Alice (4u2read)

by Anne Fine

A change in classroom seating arrangements challenges old habits and leads to a new friendship in this funny new school story from award-winning author Anne Fine.

4u2read – Ted Rules the World (4u2read)

by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Suddenly the Prime Minister is repeating all of Ted's great ideas like Monday's off for everyone … there's definitely something fishy going on! A hilarious comedy caper from award-winning author Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

5,000 Great One Liners

by Grant Tucker

My mate told me that I just don’t understand irony.Which was ironic because we were at a bus stop at the time.A dyslexic man walks into a bra.An onion just told me a joke.I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.A priest, a rabbi and a blind man walk into a bar and the bartender says, ‘What is this, some kind of joke?’I got chatting to a lumberjack in a pub.He seemed like a decent feller.I’ll never forget what my granddad said to me just before he kicked the bucket. He said, ‘Grandson, how far do you think I can kick this bucket?’Whether told in the rugby clubs of Wales or the gentlemen’s clubs of London, their sharpness and simplicity unites us all. Short, sweet and wickedly clever, they hold a special place in the annals of comedy, and as the Twitter age heralds a resurrection of the art form, there seems no better time to celebrate the immortal one-liner. In this riveting read, Times diary columnist Grant Tucker does just that, bringing together 5,000 of the funniest one-liners ever told in one definitive volume. Laugh-out-loud funny, 5,000 Great One-Liners has all the quips, zingers, puns and wisecracks you’ll ever need - and a whole lot more.

50 Bosses Worse Than Yours (Worse Than Yours Ser.)

by Justin Racz

Satirist Justin Racz, author of the wildly successful 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours, returns to the world of cubicles, water coolers, and boardrooms-this time targeting the workingman's ultimate nemesis: his boss. From the bullies to the bureaucrats to the bunglers, bosses are as unavoidable as they are insufferable. Thankfully, 50 Bosses Worse Than Yours is here to remind us that no matter how bad we think we have it, there are worse people to be taking orders from. Including entries such as "Condescending Rita," "Enforced After-Work Drinks Proposer," "Ten Years Younger Than You and Makes Double Your Salary," and the original bad boss, "Your Dad," this book presents the most unbearable, cruel-intentioned, and mind-bogglingly incompetent employers ever to pass through Human Resources.

50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours

by Justin Racz

Tired of watching your man play X-Box all day? Does he cruise when you're not home? When he takes you back to his place, does his mother answer the door? 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours is a hilarious collection of these painfully familiar boyfriends, men we've all had the misfortune to meet. There's Thrifty, who thinks taking you out to Chuck E Cheese is charming; Goth Guy, who borrows your make-up; Large Pet Owner, who wears his Python around the house. Rounding out the list are The Flaw Corrector, The Comedian (who's using you for material), One Position Peter (enough said), and Balding and Touchy About It.Isn't revenge sweet? Funny, irresistible, and instantly relatable, 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours is the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

50 Dates Worse Than Yours (Worse Than Yours Ser.)

by Justin Racz

There is nothing as unbearable as a bad date. From the awkward conversation to the strained laughter to the moments of sheer bewilderment (did he just call me "Poopsy?"), dating is not an activity for the easily discouraged. Thankfully, Justin Racz returns with this newest installment to help ease the romantic pain. These would-be Casanovas remind us that there are worse times to be had. Including entries such as: "Creepy Non-Blinker," "Keeps Telling You How Much You Remind Him of His Sister," "Mechanical Bull Riding," "Lap Dog Girl," and "Invites you over and is wearing pajamas when you arrive," 50 Dates Worse Than Yours presents just about every blindingly bad date around. Filled with entertaining photographs and outrageous bullet points listing each prospective partner's hideous traits, this is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever faked food poisoning just to get away from that guy her aunt set her up with.

50 Days Worse Than Yours

by Justin Racz

We've all had bad days: lost our keys, broken a nail, missed a train. Some days, however, are much worse than others, as Justin Racz proves in this hilarious new addition to the smash hit Worse Than Yours series. Collecting fifty of the most memorable "bad days," this outrageous book catalogs everything from the daily ("First gray hair noticed") to the legendary ("Eve eats apple"), from the public ("New York City sanitation strike") to the painfully private ("Ricky gets atomic wedgie, 1976"). An inspired and fully illustrated testament to schadenfreude, 50 Days Worse than Yours proves that nothing is as universal as suffering. Whether you're a kid ("Picked last in gym-again"), a new parent ("Barney invented"), or facing down middle age ("AARP card arrives"), you can be sure to find some comfort in this riotous compilation of things gone wrong. After all, it could have been much, much worse... Justin Racz is the author of 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours, 50 Relatives Worse Than Yours, 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours and J.Crewd. He is an advertising copywriter and lives in New York City. Alec Brownstein is a film director and advertising copywriter. He lives in New York City and was a contributing writer on 50 Relatives Worse Than Yours.

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