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Screening Solidarity: Neoliberalism and Transnational Cinemas 5256829 Patricia Anne Simpson Helga Druxes Alexandar Mihailovic 9798765101445 2023 Contains images
Screening Solidarity: Neoliberalism and Transnational Cinemas 5256849 Patricia Anne Simpson Helga Druxes Alexandar Mihailovic 9798765101438 2023
Intelligence Collection: How to Plan and Execute Intelligence Collection in Complex Environments (Praeger Security International) 5368342 Wayne Michael Hall Gary Citrenbaum 9798216185536 2012 Contains images
Silent Knife: Cesarean Prevention and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) 5368325 Lois J. Estner Nancy Wainer Cohen 9798216185505 1983 Contains images
Political Control of America's Courts: Examining the Facts (Contemporary Debates) 5442515 Helena Silverstein 9798216184553 2023 Contains images
Women and Politics: Global Lives in Focus (Women and Society around the World) 5361227 Malliga Och 9798216184461 2023 Contains images
Black Women at Work: On Refusal and Recovery (Women and Society around the World) 5361406 Wendi S. Williams 9798216184430 2023 Contains images
The New China-Russia Alignment: Critical Challenges to U.S. Security (The Changing Face of War) 5361401 Richard Weitz 9798216184232 2022 Contains images
Women, Power, and Rape Culture: The Politics and Policy of Underrepresentation (Gender Matters in U.S. Politics) 5361191 Bonnie Stabile Aubrey Leigh Grant 9798216184201 2022 Contains images
The United States Space Force: Space, Grand Strategy, and U.S. National Security (Praeger Security International) 5361326 Lamont C. Colucci 9798216184195 2023 Contains images
Democracy Disrupted: Communication in the Volatile 2020 Presidential Election 5361253 Benjamin R. Warner and Dianne G. Bystrom et al. 9798216184157 2022 Contains images
The Danger of Devaluing Immigrants: Impacts on the U.S. Economy and Society 5361104 Fariborz Ghadar 9798216184140 2023 Contains images
Tech Wars: Transforming U.S. Technology Development 5361059 Daniel M. Gerstein 9798216184126 2022
Sustaining America's Strategic Advantage (Praeger Security International) 5442566 Joel R. Hillison, Jerad I. Harper, and Christopher J. Bolan, Editors 9798216183518 2023 Contains images
The Next Space Race: A Blueprint for American Primacy (Praeger Security International) 5445769 Richard M. Harrison Peter A. Garretson 9798216183495 2023 Contains images
America's National Debt: Examining the Facts (Contemporary Debates) 5315810 Thomas Arndt 9798216182900 2022 Contains images
The Women's Rights Movement since 1945: A Reference Guide (Guides to Historic Events in America) 5315402 Christina G. Larocco 9798216182818 2023 Contains images
Combating Terrorism in the 21st Century: American Laws, Strategies, and Agencies 5316700 Joseph R. Rudolph Jr. and William J. Lahneman 9798216182788 2022
U.S. Presidents during Wartime: A History of Leadership 5585805 Ethan S. Rafuse Sean N. Kalic 9798216172475 2023 Contains images
Today's Civil Rights and Liberties Issues: Democrats and Republicans (Across the Aisle) 5387955 Kara E. Stooksbury 9798216172413 2023
Religion in the Classroom: Exploring the Issues (Religion in Politics and Society Today) 5585794 Jonathan M. Golden Joseph J. McCallister 9798216172277 2010
Organized Environmental Crime: Black Markets in Gold, Wildlife, and Timber 5470592 Daan van Uhm 9798216172178 2023 Contains images
Human Migration and the Refugee Crisis: Origins and Global Impact (Flashpoints: Global Crisis and Conflict) 5585748 Eliot Dickinson 9798216171836 2023 Contains images
Global Terrorism: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues) 5585746 Steven J. Childs 9798216171645 2023 Contains images
The Fight against Book Bans: Perspectives from the Field 5387840 Shannon M. Oltmann 9798216171485 2023 Contains images

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