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Metro 3 Vert: Pupil Book (1st edition) 1198174 Rosi Mcnab 9789814335751 2002 Contains images
Engaging Modern Brunei: Research on language, literature, and culture 3925002 David Deterding Hannah Ming Yit Ho 9789813347212 2021 Contains images
Worlding a Peripheral Literature (Canon and World Literature) 2907343 Marko Juvan 9789813294059 2019
Embodied Conceptualization or Neural Realization: A Corpus-Driven Study of Mandarin Synaesthetic Adjectives (Frontiers in Chinese Linguistics #10) 4590406 Qingqing Zhao 9789813293151 2020 Contains images
From Minimal Contrast to Meaning Construct: Corpus-based, Near Synonym Driven Approaches to Chinese Lexical Semantics (Frontiers in Chinese Linguistics #9) 2907332 Qi Su Weidong Zhan 9789813292406 2020 Contains images
Exploring Innovative Pedagogy in the Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Foreign Language (Multilingual Education #15) 2907205 Robyn Moloney Hui Ling Xu 9789812877727 2016 Contains images
Southern Min: A Comparative Study of Language Shift and Maintenance Across National Borders (SpringerBriefs in Linguistics #0) 2907120 Picus Sizhi Ding 9789812875945 2016 Contains images
The General Theory of Dunhuang Studies (Qizhen Humanities and Social Sciences Library) 4579404 Jinbao Liu 9789811690730 2022 Contains images
Reorienting Chinese Stars in Global Polyphonic Networks: Voice, Ethnicity, Power 3940114 Dorothy Wai Lau 9789811603136 2021 Contains images
Speech Perception, Production and Acquisition: Multidisciplinary approaches in Chinese languages (Chinese Language Learning Sciences) 3604180 Ping Li Huei‐Mei Liu Feng‐Ming Tsao 9789811576065 2020 Contains images
Sound and Meaning in East Cushitic Languages: Dhaasanac, Burji, Rendille, Somali, and Afar (SpringerBriefs in Linguistics) 3879850 Sumiyo Nishiguchi 9789811569722 2021 Contains images
Russian Prepositional Phrases: A Cognitive Linguistic Approach 3571920 Marika Kalyuga 9789811552168 2020 Contains images
The Acquisition of Chinese as a Second Language Pronunciation: Segments and Prosody (Prosody, Phonology and Phonetics) 3967844 Chunsheng Yang 9789811538094 2021 Contains images
Chinese Culture in the 21st Century and its Global Dimensions: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Chinese Culture #2) 3371105 Kelly Kar Yue Chan Chi Sum Garfield Lau 9789811527432 2020 Contains images
Textual Patterns of the Eight-Part Essays and Logic in Ancient Chinese Texts 3039163 Chunlan Jin 9789811523373 2020 Contains images
World Literature and Hedayat’s Poetics of Modernity (Canon and World Literature) 3069494 Omid Azadibougar 9789811516917 2020 Contains images
Language Choice in Postcolonial Law: Lessons from Malaysia’s Bilingual Legal System (Language Policy #22) 3259158 Richard Powell 9789811511738 2020 Contains images
Teaching Chinese Language in Singapore: Concerns and Visions 3034545 Kaycheng Soh 9789811511493 2020 Contains images
Chinese for Specific and Professional Purposes: Theory, Pedagogical Applications, and Practices (Chinese Language Learning Sciences) 3048033 Hongyin Tao Howard Hao-Jan Chen 9789811395055 2019 Contains images
The German Demonstratives: A Study in the Columbia School Framework (Peking University Linguistics Research #2) 3036272 Lin Lin 9789811385582 2020 Contains images
Chinese Multiword Expressions: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives 3161198 Shan Wang 9789811385100 2020
Management Careers Made in Germany: Studying at Private German Universities Pays Off 2906070 Ajit Varma Alexander P. Hansen Annette Doll 9789811371356 2019 Contains images
Translating Film Subtitles into Chinese: A Multimodal Study 2406595 Yuping Chen 9789811361081 2019 Contains images
Computational and Corpus Approaches to Chinese Language Learning (Chinese Language Learning Sciences) 2421693 Xiaofei Lu Berlin Chen 9789811335709 2019 Contains images
The Diachrony of Tone Sandhi: Evidence from Southern Min Chinese (Frontiers in Chinese Linguistics #6) 4713135 Qing Lin 9789811319396 2019 Contains images

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