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Feminist Fandom: Media Fandom, Digital Feminisms, and Tumblr 5723019 Briony Hannell 9798765101773 2024 Contains images
The Art of Communication: A Librarian's Guide for Successful Leadership, Collaboration, and Advocacy 5445687 Hilda K. Weisburg 9798216185192 2022
Writing and Publishing Your Book: A Guide for Experts in Every Field 5360806 Melody Herr Ph.D. 9798216169093 2017 Contains images
Write Like a Pro: Ten Techniques for Getting Your Point Across at Work (and in Life) 5317123 Carl Hausman 9798216169017 2016 Contains images
Workplace Communication for the 21st Century [2 volumes]: Tools and Strategies That Impact the Bottom Line [2 volumes] 5430381 Jason S. Wrench 9798216168263 2013 Contains images
Women in Media: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues) 5360773 Amy M. Damico 9798216166740 2022 Contains images
An Unprecedented Election: Media, Communication, and the Electorate in the 2016 Campaign 5317138 Benjamin R. Warner, Dianne G. Bystrom, Mitchell S. McKinney, and Mary C. Banwart, Editors 9798216160656 2018 Contains images
Televised Presidential Debates in a Changing Media Environment [2 volumes]: [2 volumes] 5430374 Edward A. Hinck 9798216154181 2019 Contains images
Storytelling: Art and Technique 5317312 Janice M. Del Negro 9798216149750 2017
Storytelling around the World: Folktales, Narrative Rituals, and Oral Traditions 5361195 Jelena Cvorovic Kathryn Coe 9798216149682 2022 Contains images
Silenced in the Library: Banned Books in America 5361534 Zeke Jarvis 9798216145189 2017
Reimagining Journalism in a Post-Truth World: How Late-Night Comedians, Internet Trolls, and Savvy Reporters Are Transforming News 5316504 Ed Madison Ben DeJarnette 9798216137665 2018 Contains images
Radio 2.0: Uploading the First Broadcast Medium 5316499 Matthew Lasar 9798216135500 2016 Contains images
Psychology for Business Success [4 volumes]: [4 volumes] 5442564 Michele A. Paludi 9798216133698 2013 Contains images
Proposal Planning & Writing 5316531 Jeremy Miner Kelly Ball-Stahl 9798216133292 2019 Contains images
Projecting Enthusiasm: The Key to Dynamic Presentations for Professionals 5316393 Robert Tauber 9798216133100 2019 Contains images
Privacy in the Digital Age [2 volumes]: 21st-Century Challenges to the Fourth Amendment [2 volumes] 5442509 Nancy S. Lind and Erik Rankin 9798216132554 2015
Present Like a Pro: The Modern Guide to Getting Your Point Across in Meetings, Speeches, and the Media 5316537 Carl Hausman 9798216131878 2017 Contains images
Political Speech as a Weapon: Microaggression in a Changing Racial and Ethnic Environment 5316971 Sylvia Gonzalez-Gorman 9798216129660 2018 Contains images
Online around the World: A Geographic Encyclopedia of the Internet, Social Media, and Mobile Apps 5360775 Laura M. Steckman and Marilyn J. Andrews, Editors 9798216124948 2017 Contains images
The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media--Revised and Updated Edition 5316715 Bryan Alexander 9798216122579 2011 Contains images
Negotiating at Home: Essential Steps for Reaching Agreement with Your Kids 5317296 Mary Kern Terri Kurtzberg 9798216122166 2020
Navigating an Organizational Crisis: When Leadership Matters Most 5317285 Martha Johnson Harry Hutson 9798216122005 2016 Contains images
Models of Proposal Planning & Writing 5361541 Jeremy T. Miner Kelly C. Ball-Stahl 9798216118343 2016 Contains images
Living on Automatic: How Emotional Conditioning Shapes Our Lives and Relationships 5316737 Homer MD Christine MD 9798216112488 2018

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