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The Romanovs: The Terrible Fate Of Russia's Last Tsar And His Family (Great Lives) 5036168 Robert K. Massie 9781781859476 199595 Contains images
Crackup: The Republican Implosion and the Future of Presidential Politics 5096141 Samuel L. Popkin 9780190913847 20221
Farewell to Arms: How Rebels Retire Without Getting Killed (Modern South Asia) 5099257 Rumela Sen 9780197529898 20221 Contains images
East Timor, René Girard and Neocolonial Violence: Scapegoating as Australian Policy (Violence, Desire, and the Sacred) 4388842 Susan Connelly 9781350161498 13793 Contains images
Churchill: An Extraordinary Life 4641769 Sarah Gristwood Margaret Gaskin National Trust Books 9781911657002 5306 Contains images
Moon U.S. Civil Rights Trail: A Traveler's Guide to the People, Places, and Events that Made the Movement (Travel Guide) 4174842 Deborah D. Douglas 9781640499164 3000 Contains images
Queens of the Age of Chivalry (England's Medieval Queens #3) 4972489 Alison Weir 9781473523333 2913 Contains images
The Mosques of Colonial South Asia: A Social and Legal History of Muslim Worship (Library of Islamic South Asia) 4069854 Sana Haroon 9780755634460 2826 Contains images
How to Steal a City: The Battle for Nelson Mandela Bay, an Inside Account 3341979 Crispian Olver 9781868428212 2107
Religion and Politics in the Contemporary United States (A Special Issue of<I> American Quarterly</I> <I> </I>) 3829614 R. Marie Griffith Melani McAlister 9780801895319 2088 Contains images
Bioethics: What Everyone Needs to Know ® (WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW) 5165520 Bonnie Steinbock Paul T. Menzel 9780197657973 2023
The Good It Promises, the Harm It Does: Critical Essays on Effective Altruism 5165458 9780197655719 2023
Theater and Human Flourishing (The Humanities and Human Flourishing) 5165461 9780197622285 2023
We the Mediated People: Popular Constitution-Making in Contemporary South America 5165552 Joshua Braver 9780197650646 2023
Junk Food Politics: How Beverage and Fast Food Industries Are Reshaping Emerging Economies 5160946 Eduardo J. Gómez 9781421444291 2023
Leveraging Latency: How the Weak Compel the Strong with Nuclear Technology (Disruptive Technology and International Security Series) 5160975 Tristan A. Volpe 9780197669549 2023
Kazi Nazrul Islam's Journalism: A Critique 5160108 Arka Deb 9789356400115 2023
The Afterlife of the ‘Soviet Man’: Rethinking Homo Sovieticus (Russian Shorts) 5156012 Gulnaz Sharafutdinova 9781350167735 2023
Colonial Algeria and the Politics of Citizenship 5156022 Avner Ofrath 9781350260030 2023
A Dublin Magdalene Laundry: Donnybrook and Church-State Power in Ireland 5156005 9781350279070 2023
Education and the Cultural Cold War in the Middle East: The Franklin Book Programs in Iran 5155905 Mahdi Ganjavi 9780755643431 2023
Europe’s Welfare Traditions Since 1500, Volume 2: 1700-2000 5156086 Thomas McStay Adams 9781350276253 2023
The Human Vocation in German Philosophy: Critical Essays and 18th Century Sources (Bloomsbury Studies in Modern German Philosophy) 5156008 9781350166080 2023
Insurrections: Education in an Age of Counter-Revolutionary Politics 5155955 Henry A. Giroux 9781350350830 2023
Jihadism in Pakistan: Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and the Local Militants 5156033 Antonio Giustozzi 9780755647361 2023

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