Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas


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This is a classic in science fiction. The book probably popularized the submarine. The book starts with a number of strange occurrences. Several ocean going craft are hit by something. People do not know whether it is a man-made craft or some kind of monster like a whale. Eventually, a whaling ship called the Abraham Lincoln is sent to destroy the whale due to its adverse effects on transoceanic traffic. Amongst its passengers it carries a professor Aronnax, an expert on underwater creatures. Abraham Lincoln is disabled and professor Arronax, Ned Land, a harpooner and the professor's servant Conseil end-up inside the thing which is a manmade submarine commanded by Captain Nemo. The rest of the book describes the journey they undertake in the Nautilus. There is much reflection upon character especially that of captain Nemo. The professor and his party escape and return to their native lands where he publishes this account. There are vivid descriptions of the marine ecosystem and forests under the sea. Today, we know much more than what we did at that time yet the book is remarkable for its accuracy on essential details. Written by Pranav Lal.