Unit 1: Structured Word documents - create and modify

NOTE: this course is still in draft format, we'll promote it through our newsletter once it's completed.

This self study unit will show you how to create accessible MicroSoft Word documents and how to easily modify them.

Modules in this unit

Downloadable document templates

Both documents can be modified to meet individual reading needs, such as changing the font and text size, adjusting line spacing, colours and contrast, margin sizes, etc.

  • FileStandard_documents Word template (docx)we start the document using Heading 1 and use Arial 14pt with single line spacing. Used to create documents such as meeting notes, procedure documents, correspondence and user guides.
  • Textbooks and educational materials Word template - we start with the Title heading for the title of the book and use Arial 14pt with 1.5 line spacing. Heading 1 style is used for Section or Chapter headings, putting in a page break to start with a Heading 1 on a new page to ensure it's correctly recognised by reading tools.