RNIB Bookshare - getting started: training day agenda

Timings of the day may vary depending on our travelling times.

10.30 am Arrival

10.45 am Welcome and introductions

11.00 am Site overview

  • Eligibility; organisations and print-disabilities
  • Primary Contact sign up
  • My Homepage
  • Staff accounts (Sponsors)
  • Learners accounts (Members)
  • Searching for books and images
  • Requesting books and images
  • Keeping track of requests
  • Reading lists
  • Other resources – exam papers, music
  • Help centre

12.30 pm Lunch

1.15 am Files and modifying

  • Introduction to the file types
  • Built in reading tool for learners
  • DAISY to Word

2.15 pm Introduction to using our files on devices

  • PDF’s in iBooks 
  • PDF’s in Kindle App
  • EPUB through Web Reader

3.15 pm Questions

4 pm Close