Resources for what’s on in October

Spooky October is here, but there is lots more going on other than Halloween, it is ADHD Awareness month, and don't forget RNIB Bookshare can be used by learners with this condition too.

Orange background with silhouette of 5 pumpkins with scary faces

3 October. Today is National Poetry Day. There is a poem for everyone … even if you don't like poetry! We have loads to choose from on RNIB Bookshare, including this one called 'I Don't like poetry'!

4 October. It's Dyslexia Awareness Day, so #GoGreenForDyslexia. RNIB Bookshare has over 325,000 titles in accessible formats from early learning literacy to further and higher education titles that can be used by Dyslexic learners through their schools, colleges and universities.

5 October. We say 'Hurray' for all teachers on World Teachers Day. Thanks for the great job you do for Print Disabled learners!

7 October. It's National Libraries Week so make sure you get to your local library and celebrate! If you are Print Disabled and have a book from a library and you need to make it accessible, you can download it from RNIB Bookshare! Why not try RNIB Library!

8 October. We love Ada Lovelace Day. Let’s celebrate women and girls in science! We love Kate Pankhurst's books about 'Fantastically Remarkable Women' where you can find out about Ada and others!

16 October. It's Oscar Wilde's birthday today, a fantastic author, poet and interesting fellow! We have many of his titles, both for children and adults on RNIB Bookshare, where we love books!

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over again there is no use in reading it at all.” Oscar Wilde"

25 October. Are you getting ready for half term? Have a good one, don’t forget we are here for Print Disabled learners leisure reads too, try our 'Reading for fun' pages.

27 October. How lovely - the UK celebrates National Tell-A-Story Day today. We love stories about how learners are benefitting from RNIB Bookshare. Here is Charlie's story.

Autumn half term. Whether you are on half term this week or not, RNIB Bookshare can help learners with a print disabilityed love reading by choosing their own titles. Why not add your learners to your school account?

31 October. Ha Ha Happy Halloween! Here's an accessible tactile image of a super scary faced carved pumpkin with beastly flying bats!! Visit RNIB Bookshare's resources of 3,000 accessible tactile and large print images. There is more than curriculum images to delight, lovely seasonal resources too!