Resources for what’s on in December

Here are our tips for getting ready for Christmas!

  1. We have a whole set of Christmas image resources to get you and your class in the mood! Ho Ho Ho! Use them as decorations, cards or fun pictures.
  2. You've got to read Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol'! Are you a Scrooge or a Tiny Tim?
  3. Get into the holiday spirit, have some fun with some Christmas jokes.
  4. Is the wait for Santa too much? Relax with some Children's christmas reading.
  5. Create some festive delights with our Christmas cooking.
  6. Impress the man with the big white beard and red suit, read him some Christmas poetry.
  7. It's a time to think of everyone, don't forget our Christmas animals.
  8. Want to know how we used to have christmas? Give Horrible Christmas a try!
  9. Discover more of the Christmas story from the bible with our Christmas story accessible images; Nativity sceneShepherds and StarThree Kings and star
  10. Have a wonderful christmas, whatever you do from all at RNIB Bookshare!
Keira in Christmas jumper with Reindeer wall decoration and christmas tree

There is more to this month than christmas, here's what else is going on!

Celebrations this month:

1 December. This day in 1817 Northanger Abbey and Persuasion were published. Authored by Jane Austen, one of our greatest writers.
11 December. anniversary of the birth of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, winner of the Nobel prize for literature in 1917.
16 December. Jane Austen's birthday, author of Pride & Prejudice on this day in 1775 .
21 December. Winter Solstice
25 December. Christmas Day, find some fun christmas reading.
30 December. Rudyard Kipling's birthday, author of Jungle Book.