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The Association of Higher Education and Disabilities (AHEAD) is one source of information about the transition process. They state that “the successful transition of students with disabilities to, through and beyond college is a team effort. AHEAD offers the following... more
It is the responsibility of the individual to disclose his or her disability to an employer and to request on-the-job accommodations.  Having materials such as technical software manuals in accessible formats are appropriate   workplace supports; UK education... more
Yes, an RNIB Bookshare UK education collection membership is for life! It’s free for all students – even those in adult education programs. Just ask your educational organisation to sign up if they have not already and they can add you as a member.
Leaving school? If you have sight loss you can get reading resources through RNIB Library and Talking Books.Off to college or university? RNIB Bookshare supports learners with a print disability throught their education. The Disabled Student Services office or Library... more
Leaving school? RNIB Bookshare is for prit disabled learners in Education. If you have sight loss, why not contact RNIB Library for your reading resources?.Off to college or univesiry? The Disabled Student Services office on your campus can help you get the books you... more

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