RNIB and VICTA iPad and Orbit reader grant scheme

RNIB and VICTA are working in partnership to support blind and partially sighted children and young people to study with greater independence, using technology.

We know how important technology is for blind and partially sighted children and young people. From how we communicate with others, read a book, listen to music and access educational material - technology and accessing the internet can make a world of difference.

Here's why an iPad or Orbit Reader can help


Joshua, who is twelve years old, and has received an iPad and Orbit reader through the scheme.

“I was so happy when I found out I had been successful when I applied to VICTA/RNIB for an orbit reader/iPad because I knew that these two items would make it so much easier to do work both at home and school and also it would open up so many new possibilities to me.  I won’t have to carry around a huge Braille book anymore nor will I have to use a Perkins Brailler which is really heavy to carry so thank you VICTA/RNIB for being so generous.  It’s changed my life.”


After being granted an iPad through the VICTA/RNIB scheme Ellie , twelve years old, has been able to continue to achieve her goal of being able to read. Ellie who found it difficult to read text / words on books can now use her iPad to enlarge and read words freely. Ellie also can practice her numeracy skills without facing any barriers.
Ellie, twelve years old sat smiling at a desk reading on her iPad.

Want to apply for an iPad grant?

If you are registered blind or partially sighted, a UK resident and aged between 11 and 25 years you could be eligible for an Apple iPad Air 2 32GB.

A fully accessible tablet that is perfect for using with books downloaded from RNIB Bookshare electronically using iBooks or an app such as Dolphin EasyReader.

"Fantastic news, 'A' will be delighted as this means she can hold the iPad close to her face and not have to manage with the PC for her visual needs, as one parent working for a family of 6 this is also a massive financial support to me."

"I would just like to let you know that I received the iPad Air 2 today for my son and wanted to thank you for making it possible for him to have one. As a mother of two 12 year old boys having spare money for iPads doesn’t really happen, so thank you!" 

Want to apply for an Orbit Reader?

If you are registered blind or partially sighted, a UK resident and aged between 8 and 29 years you could be eligible for an Orbit Reader 20 compact Braille display.

This compact and revolutionary refreshable braille display offers easy book reading and note-taking. It's portable and features 20 refreshable eight-dot braille cells. It offers reading books via SD card, simple note-taking, Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

To find out more and apply

• Visit www.victa.org.uk/grants  
• Or call VICTA on 01908 240 831

Using a iPad with RNIB Bookshare

Read our iPad 'get started' guide. You'll find information to help you get started and stay safe online, as well as suggestions for additional useful resources to help you get the best from the device, content and connectivity. We have also provided some information on your agreement with us and your rights.
We've a number of useful videos showing how to get the most out of your device, explaining the accessibility features and using different apps.
If you'd like to have a chat about using the iPad and getting it set up, please contact us and we'll arrange a suitable time with you for a telephone call or put you in touch with a technology support volunteer.
Read our RNIB Bookshare 'getting started' guide and e,nsure your child's school has their free organisational account set up and they've created a log in for your child.